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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Lancome Teint Miracle Touche Corrector Concealer SPF 15 + Giveaway winner

I never try or use a Concealer before ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ. It simply because I don't think I really need it and I'm too lazy to buy it. lol :p and usually Concealer has a thick paste texture which I hate and too yellowish tone. Concealer is a color corrector which usually use for cover dark circles and imperfection on skin, such as blemishes, dark spots, discoloration, etc. Maybe I'm the only Beauty Blogger who don't have a concealer. HAHA. But yeah, I have an opportunity to try this Teint Miracle Corrector from Lancome Indonesia. And honestly, I'm so excited because this is my first concealer EVER. yeaaay, seriously you're not going to regret by read my review about this Concealer now! ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

This Touch Corrector is enriched with micro-fluorescent particles for a surge of true natural light. It Illuminates, smooths and visibly reduces imperfection. Oil free, Fragrance free,  Non Comedogenic and suit sensitive skin! My skin is really sensitive so I'm happy about it.

The applicator is like a pen with a brush and make it easier to apply and gentle reach all the difficult angle on our face. The cap is make the brush more hygiene too.

I got shade #01 in Ivory, I'm so happy because the Lancome staff give me the RIGHT shade! Not random, I feel like they were specially give this for me, lol. *slapped

The packaging and design of this portable pen is easy to bring and can quickly retouch anytime, anywhere. I only need to push the bottom once/twice to bring out the liquid and it's enough for one time use. 

The texture is LIGHT and not HEAVY. I've try some concealer brand on their counter but mostly they're feel heavy and I don't really like heavy coverage concealer/foundation. Maybe that's why I never purchased any back then, lol, I don't like my skin look unnatural and too matte. 

Blend the concealer with my fingers. Aha, as you can see it brightens my complexion, look flawless and fresh. After it blended on to my skin it look so natural, like my skin is born with it! We supposed to find a concealer which is more lighter than our skin tone so it perfectly cover the imperfection.

Share this application on my dark circle.
Before, look dull and not fresh. Very tired eyes and look not alive. hahahahhaha Yeah I'm lack of sleep because of work now.
After, Look more brighter! And the most important things, not CAKEY, not heavy, looks like my natural skin right? It blend so well and match my natural skin tone. A fresh looking eyes is make me look more younger, hahahahaha that's what I want, yeah to look young *obsessed #foreveryoung XD XD XD XD

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Covers my imperfection without make it look unnatural
✩ Light texture, not feel heavy at all, so smooth and not cakey
✩ Brighten my complexion
✩ Has SPF to protect skin from sun and discoloration
✩ Easy to blend and the formula is quickly absorb on skin
✩ Pen type which is make it easier to apply and hygienic

✩ Pricey (。┰ω┰。)

My Rating : ★★★★★
Definitely recommend this if you have the budget!! Even though the price is kinda high but it really worth the money! You'll love this easy to blend and light texture of concealer. If you've never find a not heavy texture concealer, go try Lancome. I seriously fall in love with Lancome products, it's really good *w* , I really want to try their other products in the future! Hahahahahaha

Price in Lancome counter in Indonesia : 450.000 idr

I'm so happy my first concealer is a wonderful product like this. Have you ever try this concealer ladies? Definitely worth to buy!  (●♡∀♡)


BTW, I HAVE ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF MY KONJAC SPONGE GIVEAWAY. I spare my time tonight to announce it and make this review of Lancome Corrector. The winner is Priscilla F, I already send email to her. You can check it out here. The winner is selected by RANDOM.ORG. Thanks for all people who joined! Don't be sad if you don't win >_<, I'll make another giveaway in the future, thanks for reading and support me until now. :') Have a nice day! ^O^

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