Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kawaii Nail Art x Cuteness and Review

I always lazy to do nail art   (/゚Д゚)/ because I really hate the feeling when my cute nail art is done but I need to remove it on the next few days. It feel suck you know, I'm sure you've had this experience too. Lol. It's been a long time I didn't make a nail art again on nail tips(((( ;°Д°)))). The last time I made it was when I was still in Univ, at that time I was living in my old house. When moving to my current house now, all my nail art tips and some decorations is gone! w(°o°)w damn! Because I was so busy that time I didn't even remember it. hahaha.
But NOW, I got my nail tips again with ribbon and pearl from Bornprettystore. They sell so many stuffs for your nail art with affordable price! This is what I got few days ago.

Clear and made in Korea, fit my nails perfectly and the thickness is good too, not too thick and not too thin. I found 5 size which fit my nail and one of it need a little re-shapping but thats fine. For the rest, I can use it for my toe or re-shappe them when I run out of nail

2. Pink Bow Knot - 10 pcs
Super kawaiiii ('∀'●)♡, with polkadot pattern. The size is perfect too for deco-ing nail art. I was afraid that the ribbon will be too big for nails but the size is perfect!

3. 15mm White Pearl - 10.000 pcs
I got soo many pearl and I'm so satisfied with the size! It's perfect for any nail art design. I want to get different size of pearls and colors next time, kyaaa~~ *slapped

The nail tips has 10 different size and I picked up what size is suit my nail. And the number on the nail tips is make it easier to remember which nail you use.

All nail tips size.
When saw the picture on the website I thought the nail tips is more longer, but it's not. It's okay because I think this is a standard size to cheat, so people won't know that I'm wearing a fake nail. lol :p'

The number on the nail tips is make more easier for me to search and remember the size for my nail.

Find size which is suit your nail. No.2 is suit my thumb perfectly.

And this is what I choose for my nail, all nails on this pictures were already re-shape by me. Hehe. I only use my nail clipper from Lioele because I don't have any nail tips

I started making nail art last friday because I really miss deco-ing nail art. I haven't do it for almost 3 years! Hahaha, that's why the nail art is a little messy, my hands were shaking like crazy when applied the tiny pearl. XD

Kawaii deshoouu??? I'm so in love with pink! And the ribbon make it look superrr sweet~ The pearl make it look feminine and not cheap! Kyaa~~

pictures from my instagram

Looks like my real nail XD XD

I was so happy and wear it on the next day, bwaahhaha I even made another nail art again last night, lol. So cuteee with pastel color, looks like candy~ hehe

I feel super happy when see kawaii stuffs, lol I can't stop smiling HAHA (-^〇^-). So ladies If you wonder where you can get nail tips, nail decoration, nail tools and etc. You can check out BornPrettyStore and get 10% discount by using my coupon code LCDJ61 *see my side bar for quick link. Nice deal right? I really want try other nail art decoration to make many nail art ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ. Happy shopping and decoing your nail~