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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Holika Holika Cream Shadow and Petite Liner

Hello ladeeees \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ , Now it's time for Korean brand! I know, I never make a review about Korean cosmetic again beside Lioele. It simply because I haven't purchased any yet XDD, Hahahha I wish someone would give some to me for FREE. Anyone? *puppy eyes ~(*w* )~~ *punched. (゚O゚((○=(`▽´*)o

Why it named HOLIKA HOLIKA?? It sounds so funny  (#゜皿゜)////. The brand theme is like a Mystery and Magical things. So, Maybe it's like a Spell for something? ヾ(☆▽☆). The color I got is MYSTIC BROWN. AHA, sound magical? Maybe Holika is a magic spell to make US look more pretty every time we say it w(°o°)w. Bwahahahah so random, okay please bear with my silly thought!   (¬д¬。)
I got this Holika Holika from my friend few few months ago and haven't make a review of it. Honestly, this is my first Holika2 product lol I never interested in purchasing because I was blinded by Japanese brand XD XD XD

(I tried to say HOLIKA more than 20 times and @___@ felt so dizzy. It sound like holic holic to me. Okay I know, why I care so much about the Brand name, AHAHHAHAA PLEASE FORGIVE ME!), Let's continue with my review (。┰ω┰。)

As you can see, the packaging is look pretty and the logo is super cute and magical! Too bad the LOGO doesn't really show on the picture *my bad. I love the Gold color they use too. It came with a mystical purple box packaging, but I already threw it out lol, you can see all the colors here.

No.5 - Mystic Brown , mix of golf brown cream shadow and brown eyeliner stick.

The cream shadow texture is creamy and soft, but a bit tacky? but I think this one is a bit too creamy. It's not hard to apply cream eyeshadow because the texture is easy to blend. I usually use this for my eyeshadow base and it works umm not really well, hehehehe it just the color won't pop out. But, it work well to brightens my eyes area.

The brown eyeliner is a bit creamy and easy to smudge. I don't really like it for a long time use, like when I'm going out for all day. I usually put brown eyeshadow again on the eyeliner to make it stay more longer or smudge it at the end of the line to make it look more natural.

This is the swatch on my hands, I love the glowy effect of the cream shadow.(´∀`)♡ I always love shimmery eyeshadow colors, but I don't really like the eyeliner, hahaha it works great if you smudge and blend it with the shadow though. You know, Korean always love natural eye make up for their everyday look and maybe that's the reason Why they make the formula like this. Very different with US brand. (`ー´)

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Get cream shadow and eyeliner in 1 product
✩ Can be use for eyeshadow base
✩ Has shimmer which can brightens my eyes area

✩ The eyeliner easily smudge on my oily eyelid
✩ So-so for eyeshadow base, quite good la

Rating: 3/5

You might like this product if you love natural eye make up for everyday and your eye lid isn't too oily, the cream is okay but the eyeliner formula isn't really strong for all day.

So, have you ever tried Holika Holika product?。◕‿◕。 There's so many Korean brand, I'm confused. Hahahahhaha ⊙▽⊙  I think the most popular here are Etude House, Skinfood, The Face Shop and Lioele now. Because they have counters in Indonesia and the marketing and promotion is quite good here especially Etude House, lol. Their staffs always call everyone PRINCESS, lolololololol. (;¬д¬) 

Thanks for reading Ladies, Have a great weekend! I hope I can wake up early tomorrow @____@ , I have something to do. it's already 3 AM here, See you on my next post! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

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