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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cominica Couture - コミニカクチュール

HELLO, I want to make a post about my new brand Cominica Couture/Comicou. Cominica Couture is made by me with help from my sister, I really want to have my own clothing brand since I was small. It's a wonderful dream and I met many problems before because myDad didn't agree about this. But everything is going well now, but another problems appear and it's not easy. I'm so exhausted >__<. Thanks my sister was joined me and together we will build this brand. We hope many people will love this brand and support us!

Now, we have our workshop where we can start designing clothes and other things for Comicou. I'm so happy and excited! hehehehhe Seriously, even though I'm so tired but I'm so happy with what I do now. Comicou still need more support from all of you~! Please wait until our very first launching with all the clothes (komikou no fuku), we haven't settle the price because we have many consideration about it.

So, this is our komikou no fuku~! Please share the love! ^^


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