Monday, April 02, 2012

めちゃかわいい Super Cute False Nail Art x my weekend

Hello ladies~~(/^▽^)/ !!! I've received one set of MECHAKAWAII Fake nail art from Crystallized Nail Art, Thank you so much!!. The owner is Ms. Sabrina Tan which is suuuppaaaaa kind, the design is made by her-self. You can make your own design too!! She was asking me last month, which design I like and I told her, I like pink, cute design with bows, pearls, blink-blink stuffs just like I've seen on Popteen. And She was told me to measure my nail, so she can make the best nail art which suit my own nail size! One by one, lol XD

This is what I received from her.
1 Nail art set in a box :: 450.000 idr
1 Nail Glue Liquid with brush  :: 30.000 idr / bottle
1 Nail Double tape :: 15.000 / sheet

Came with a helpful note, how to apply the nail glue.

The price of the false nail art it's depend on the design, for a daily or more simple design it start from 115.000 idr. For an event or wedding usually start from 220.000 - 550.000 idr. I think the price is not pricey, because you can use it FOREVER XD, the nail art quality is really good. I push the Fake nail onto my nail hardly and fall once but still fine(so clumsy -.-). I almost afraid the pearl/beading will fall off but it doesn't, hahahhaha my heart almost stopped that time XD XD *over. I think you can apply a top coat again to prevent it fall off, just in case it happen. (*´▽`*)

When I received my false nail art I was soooooo curious about the design XDDD, it came with a superr pretty packaging too, lol sorry no picture because I can't wait any longer to open the package! It was pain in the ass to take the camera first XD XD XD mwahahaha.

This is how it look on the box XD, so princessy and KAWAII *gonemad

So, ready to see the nail?? kekekekke I'm waiting for the weekend to wear the fake nail, because I want to see how strong the Glue is. BUT, I already try it first on my naked nail but without Glue XD.

PRETTY?? o(≧▽≦)o , btw I don't know why the only nail which is suit my nail size just the thumb and the pinkie nail. Was I wrong measure my nail? -__-" or maybe I need to buffer the edge again but I was too lazy to do it (ノ´∀`), despite of that the nail is just sooo KAWAII~ KYAA~ I can't complain XD *slapped

INSANELY CUTEEEE, mwahahahha (´∀`)♡

Bows, flowers, crown, heart pearls, beading and other blink-blink stuffs are make me craziiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♡^▽^♡  щ(゜ロ゜щ)

Want my nail?? You can contact them at Facebook, I don't know they ship worldwide or not. For Indonesian ladies, you can visit their Facebook for more information about the False nail art set.

x x x x x x x x x x x x     x x x x x x x x x x x x      x x x x x x x x x x x x x    x x x x x x x x 

On Sunday, I was going to a Korea/Japan event on Emporium Mall in Jakarta with my sister. >w< We were having lunch at Sushi Tei, went to Beauty Credit store to buy Facial Wash and took some photos there. I've read on rafflecopter, that you want more daily stuffs post and outfit post, so I include it here. hehehhe XD

There's a cosplay event, lolita-harajuku fashion show and band performance. I didn't watch the whole event because I was so hungry that time. kekekeke

My outfit. lol I look weird, so many people passing by that time ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

 Meet a friend, Susan :)

Can't get enough of my NAIL XD HAHAHA and about the Glue, it was suupaa strong!

My nail with my vintage necklace and bangles. 

My sweeet and pretty sister!!! ^o^/

Do you love nail art too? I started to love nail art when I was in University, probably 8 years ago? LMAO I'm so OLD NAW HAHAH XD. But, I haven't made any false nail art again because I lost all my nail tips when moving to my house now, deamnnn! And sometimes, I don't have many times to make it, like now, I'm busy with my work now. =3= I'm going to meet my Tailor again today, she said 2/3 clothes is done and I can't wait to see it now. This tailor isn't the best, I still finding a good one to make my clothes, grrrrrr. 
And it's already APRIL, my workshop should have done... Idk, I'm going to ask my mom tonight. lol, my parent is super busy with work too so I need to find a good time to ask them. :)
And as always, thanks for reading ladies and have a SUPER Monday! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
Thank you for participate on my cawaii giveaway, I LOVE YOU! hahaha (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

forget to include my pikku with shin-chan! X'DDDDDDD


Nila Kussriani said...

cantik banget kukunya :D

BarbieGothic elizabeth said...

Ihhhhhhhhhhh kawaii abisss dahhhh~~~

Hanbi Jang said...

The nails suit you so well! I love nail art but I like doing on my bare nails... but the down side is that the constant painting make it really brittle now so I'm just focusing on strengthening it now.

And also, How would you take the glue off without ruining the nails? I really want to buy false nails but I don't want to ruin them ):
I thought your outfit was very cute looking! Very boho chic no? :)

♔cominica♔ said...

makasih :D

♔cominica♔ said...

thankss elie :D

♔cominica♔ said...

Thanks! Yeah, but sometimes I feel sad to remove the nail art I;ve made on my nails ;_;

umm, I soaked my nail in a hot water then slowly take it off from the top >.< maybe try use a petroleum jelly after use a false nail? :D

Thank youu, bwhahaha yeah, I don't know what style it is I just wear what I want xD

Gellie Abogado said...

those fake nails are just pure awesome! :D

Shasha said...

 The fake nails are really cute.. it is suits with you ^^

Amyboo said...

 Your nails are...GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 O_______O SOOOO CUUUTE OMGGG! (dies) AHHH I WANT THEM!!!

Banny said...

Wow those nails are too cute! I cant stop looking at them haha.
I love you outfit very cute and you look mature :)

Miaojuan said...

You look really pretty~~! ^.^ Aww <3 When can see you in mall~ >.< lol jk
Nailart, I scared to do nailarts because I do a lot of stuffs and I also do housechores so I don't think nailart suits me >.< Maybe on my wedding day I would want to have diamond nailart XD

Gita Noiivia said...

huaaaaaaaa... cant take my eyes from your nail art ceeeeee.. puengen puooooool <3333
lucuuuuuu... hua hua

l0ckheart said...

SOOO adorable! Those nails are very cute!
You're not old! I wont believe it! 

jan miguel said...

Those nails are way too cute!!!


Sandy said...

So pretty and shiny!

THT Christina said...

Ohhhhh my gosh! Those are so nice! Totally deco-ed out nails! haha

EV said...

Shin-Chan! Anyhow, your kawaii nails are so darling~ & your hair looks pretty! 


Mutsumi said...

Shin-Chan!!! Amazing xDDD
I love your nails!!! It's apity not all of them fit your nails though >< especially after sending the creator your
Your outfit at the show looked wonderful ♥

Rhea Bue said...

OMG!! I love the nails Cominica!!! :D they are soooo gorgeous!!!! like the one I see in ViVi and Popteen! <3 you look so kawaii with those nails on! ;)

-OZONE- said...

The design of those nails is so pretty and cute ! ;O;

Wonder Woman said...

Love it!

Jace Roxanne said...

i love those nails~~ but they look a little too big on u aren't they? @@ 

Sunmi Unnie@Patsy said...

the nails are so cute,i wish i can have someone make me a nail decor also.. ≧◡≦ 
(i love your outfit that day,it's so cawaii!!,your sister is so pretty,just like you (─‿‿─) )

Tone-Lise said...

 These nails are so damn adorable! =) I love them;D

flow_is_me said...

The nails are so pretty! And I like your outfit too! XDD

Hanbi Jang said...

Yeah I totally know what you mean >3<
Oh~ I see... Sounds like a lot of patience involved :P
That's true! Thanks for the tip!
Well, your style it suits you quite well~

Laura-May said...

wwaaa I love, they are soooo beautiful <3 just  they aren't rounded enough (down), it's a shame!

Dali said...

awwww your nails are beautiful *^*as always you look very pretty~ :) Nice day!♥~

Sashi said...

wonderful nails, but is a little bit big for your own nails or?  ♥ but so beautiful design ♥

MissFeelo said...

AHHHHH SO HERE ARE WHERE THE NAILS ARE FROM! They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I definitely want a pair!

Caroline Elle said...

aaaaaa too cute >.<
too bad my fingers are super duper short, any fake nails can't survive them instead of making them look more weird and shorter than ever .__.

Crystallized Nail Art said...

Aih darling you should've told me about your nailbeds being so rounded :)
I can definitely pre-shape them before applying all the decorations :)
How to fix them : Go get yourself a nail clipper and clipped both sides of the bottom part of the nails, making it round, and then just simply buff them all the rough edges, and you're done :D

Mui Mui said...

Love your nails and your outfit that day suited you sooooo well! Like like ^_^!

♔cominica♔ said...

haha yeaaah, I thought everyone's nailbeds are the same >__<
Thanks for the tips, I'll pre-shape it again :* :*

Karina Dinda Rachmawati said...

Pretty nails! Love it max :)

My Lovely Sister said...

wah cantiknya, di tangan kamu yang putih jadi manis XD

♔cominica♔ said...

makasiii yaaa, hehe aslinya sih buntet2 jarinya wkkakk

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