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Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Liese Bubble Hair Prettia Honey Beige Color! + met my high school friends + fotd + ootd

HELLO, SO, I'm here again with another LIESE review. I was bleaching my hair on tuesday and on Wednesday, I was dyeing my hair again with Honey Beige color from Liese, the new color which look so pretty and silky. XD XD

Actually, I want to wait until 1 week to see my hair color but I can't wait any longer!!!!! XDDD , that Annoying orange hair is look uneven and kinda weird.

This new color is so pretty on the CM, so I decided to try it out. If you look on the box, the color doesnt has any RED tone on it.

I just HOPE that my hair color is turn out like the box, I don't care anymore if this hair dye make my hair dry or anything! =m=

So, the result is........... FINE! HAHAHA YEAY! I LOOK LIKE CRIMINAL on this below pictures, mwhahahahahahahhahahah LMAO X''DDDDD
LEFT :: under sun light, look a bit brown, still has that orange tone, I think that because of my previous highlight, lol *blameMYSELF! 
RIGHT :: under room lights.

mwahahhaha, I wanna laugh see my expression here XDDD HAHAHA
LEFT : room lights
RIGHT : sun lights
How come the color look so different? I'm not editing all the pictures.

My roots, at least this time the color look more EVEN *dance*

Although, the color still look a bit red brown under sun BUT I don't care, at least the color is look similar on the box, while under a room light the color is look like the Honey Beige color. YEAY! HAHA! Still better than the orange-brown color on my previous post. LOL
Similar right? :D :D :D

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Quick and Easy
✩ The smell is better than the previous series
✩ Doesn't dry my hair, today I wash my hair and my hair is still feel soft! Not as smooth as before, but I really like the new formula!
✩ Got a hair conditioner treatment which make my hair feel smooth on the next day
✩ Pretty color!!
✩ My hair color is look more even

✩ Pricey! I bought it from my local seller by pre-order, it's about $19.8 -.-
✩ I don't know, XD

My Rating : 4.5

I'm still wondering, "WHY COLOR CHANGE UNDER SUNLIGHT?" I was wondering about this since the first time I dyed my hair 7 years ago. But, the first time I bleach and dye my hair at Salon wasn't like this. I think I need a help from professional about this. hahahha
I want to get rid of the red tone on my hair but HOW?. I have 1 box again of Liese Prettia in Platinum Beige, I'm going dye my hair again few months later. o(≧∇≦o) kekekeke I hope the result is nice!

My friend said there's a shampoo that can get rid of the orange/red tone on our hair? Is that true? Anyone knows about this?? PLEASE LET ME KNOW! ヘ(_ _ヘ) 

After dyeing my hair again, finally I can hang out with my friends with no worry, lol wtf. I was rushing dyeing my hair again because yesterday, I was going to meet my high school friend. hahahahha

I haven't meet them for so long! And we were talking about many things, laughing and it was so fun! LOL, I was taking few pictures too.

My FOTD, ( all pictures took with my phone)

My OOTD/Outfit, I look fat, I think I need diet and workout :/

With my friends,

And, I LOVE my hair now, hahahha but I want to find a way to get the red tone out of my hair XD XD SOON! Byeee ladies, Thanks for reading!!~~ I need to go for dinner now, I'm in a rush now, Byeeeee, will be online again tonight! :*

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