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Sunday, April 22, 2012

MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection Launching Event

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  Hello ladies, I was invited by Joy Magazine to attend SHOP MAC event. MAC Cosmetics is launching a Limited Edition collection for this Spring Summer 2012. MAC Shop, Shop, Shop, Cook, Cook, Cook (omg the name is so funny, bahahhahaha). The collections are Cremeblend Blush, Eyeshadow Quad, Lipstick and Kissable Lip color with bright and pretty summer/spring color.

Swatches below! The left one, Colour Added eyeshadow Quad is already SOLD OUT. @_@

This event has a dress code which is "Beauty in Pastel" and PASTEL is my favorite color ever, because it's so delicate and adorable! I wear my knitted flowery top that day with a short pink bubble skirt. There's a make up DEMO, interactive games, best dressed, beauty make over and etc. I'm so excited to attend this event because I  NEVER try any MAC products before. HAHA, so I'm going to explore about the products on this event! Pictures spammmmm *Q*

MECHA KAWAII box XD XD *nosebleed

I came with my sister because I need someone to help me took the pictures there and Thanks to her, She won't mind XD. I came 30 minute late (I wonder why I always late -_-).

Met with Bella, one of IBB members. (IBB=Indonesian Beauty Blogger). This is my first time meet with her. hehe ❤ She's so nice!

There were many people inside the counter so I was kinda lazy to went inside, but I was really curious about MAC cosmetics so I sneak in 

MAC model! So adorable!!

I found another part of the counter where there was less people inside, and busy look at MAC products there. hehehe
Took a picture first, hahahhahah 

I should smile more X'D hahahha, I was so hungry that time XD

Cook, Cook, Cook Display. There's nail lacquer, studio pressed. fluidline, tendertone lip balm and a mascara! I didn't swatch them >_<

That side was really crowded, lol

MAC blush is really pigmented and has so many beautiful colors, too bad their packaging is so boring, LOL *slapped

Met with other bloggers from IBB there. So happy because this is my first time meet Tika and Naomi, such lovely ladies! (´∀`)♡

Naomi is so pretty *Q* *Q*, her skin is so flawless! *envy

Pricil, Nisa and Hanna. 。◕‿◕。 from IBB.

After that I went outside and finally found the new MAC SHOP product display *Q* *Q* *sparklingeyes. Can't help to swatch it on my hand, all colors are so cute and pretty~~! Kyaaaa~ Enjoy the Swatches! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

MAC Call Me Bubble

MAC Shop and Drop

The color is really pigmented and build-able with just one slide! I might add MAC lipstick to my wishlist next, hahahha.


 (I don't know the name is right or not because I was in hurry that time, LOL). The color is really opaque compared to NYX Soft matte lip color. It smell so sweet too!! *W*

MAC Cremeblend Blush, so pigmented!

 in Florida

in Optimistic orange, This one is SOLD OUT too. *Q* *Q*

 in Restores, dazzle!

While busy swatching, someone approach me and told me to come inside the counter. She told me that I won a best dressed, wtf, how come? hahahahha X'D Anyway, there were 3 winners!! Bella was win too! ^O^ I was really happy because I rarely win something, lol, I'm so lucky! I won a MAC products! My first MAC product ever, yeeaaayyy~ I feel weird, HAHA >_<

*feel shy with no reason, lol


Btw, *one of the MUA there is praised my false lashes, lol he said I look so dolly, but I should apply white eyeliner on my lower waterline to complete the look, I would totally look like doll with it. LOL, I will try it next time! Thanks for the tip ;D , I should ask his name first, hahaha.

This is what I got from MAC. hehe (^▽^)

Because this is a collaboration event with Joy Magazine, I got a magazine (AGAIN?) lol, and the issues are same too, bwhahahahaha I'm going to give it for my sister friends or anyone.

Thanks for reading ladies, Have you try MAC Shop, Cook product?

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