Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lancome Virtuose Mascara x Voluptuous Black

Hello ladies~(/^▽^)/ ! Now, I'm going to share my favorite mascara for my daily look. I got this travel size mascara from Lancome Indonesia as a gift. I have use this mascara for a while, probably around 1 month. I have been using it since the first time I got it. hahhaha, Mascara is really important for me, it open my eyes in minute! I can't skip mascara on my make up step! Totally taboooo XD

because the travel size is small, it's easy for me to bring it anywhere XD

The brush is kinda BIG for my short lashes ( ;A;  )\ , but really effective to lift my lashes. But if I don't brush it carefully it could stain on my eyelid ( =3=")

Sometimes, If I'm in a rush, I don't even use an eyelash curler first. But, the formula could lift my lashes without an eyelash curler so I think it's okay. My eyelashes is short and drop, so it has am obvious change to my eyelashes.

note: I haven't use eyeliner, so you can see my eyelashes clearly.

Eyes closed. My thin eyelashes is look more volume! 

When looking up.

If you're curious how the mascara look like when I curled it, here's the pictures of it. Look, so so natural and perfect curl!

This mascara isn't waterproof but it can stand my oily eyelid for hours, except if I'm sweating. It's not hard to remove like Japanese mascara. If you have a long eyelashes to begin with, you'll love this mascara because you don't even need to curl it first for a natural look. The formula can lift your eyelashes by it self.

From the side view.

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Smudge-proof, stand on my oily eyelid for hours!
✩ Lift my eyelashes without a curler.
✩ Volumizing
✩ Easy to remove!

✩ Not waterproof!

360.000 idr at Lancome counter.

Would I buy the real size? Probably, but I have another travel size of this mascara, hahahhaha.

I had attend two beauty event on last friday and saturday, I'll be posting about the event today because it's really interesting. Haha, double post again! Yeah, because I don't have time on weekdays, I'm working now >w<)v Please stay tuned and thanks for reading. Have a nice day!!!


XiaoVee said...

wihh asik bener dpt travel size 2 ya ci? >,<

btw mahal bener ya hrgnya.. yah namanya jg lancome ;A;

♔cominica♔ said...

hahah iya kmaren2 di kasih lagi sm lancome nya as a gift dalam 1 kotak gitu sih. >.<
haha iya sih mahal ;A;

Gellie Abogado said...

i love volumizing mascara and this definitely looks interesting. oh and i just can't help but adore your contact lens here. so cute :)

MissFeelo said...

You must really like this mascara! I'm personally more a fan of the brush that looks like spikes, I find I get less clumps that way. That being said, I've never tried a Lancome mascara before!

♔cominica♔ said...

Thank youuuu :D

♔cominica♔ said...

haha yeah, I love it~~ I'm so lucky can try Lancome mascara though ><

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