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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Koji Technical Eye Tape, a way to get double eyelid without a surgery

Not everyone is blessed with double eyelid and naturally even eyes. I've been use eyelid tape since I was in university, I always want a big eyes since I was small. Addicted to Anime, I really want their big eyes and think If I can look cute like them.  (▼へ▼メ)Tell you the truth, I was born with a mono-lid and always dream someday I will have those big eyes like in Anime. LOL. Every little girl wants to be pretty and so did I. I want those big eyes like Japanese girl, look so kawaiii ❤❤. I don't care if you think I don't love my self or something like that, I just want to be pretty. :p can't I? I

I had use eyelid tape everyday when I was in UNI and what I did back then is make me have an eyelid line now. I rarely use eyelid tape now, except when I use make up to make my eyes look even or to make my eyelid look more deeper. hehe I've tried many eye tape brand before but never try KOJI. And now, I had a chance to try Koji eye tape and this was kindly sponsored by Artiestyle for me to try. I usually buy eyelid tape at Watson because it easier to get If I ran out the product. (^▽^)

The packaging is just like other eye tape brand with that yellow paper, lol, but not ALL eye tape brand has a fork inside and the blue point part (blue mark on the edge of the tape). I got 3 sheets of eye tape, each sheet has 10 pairs so I have 30 pairs of it.

Look closer to the blue mark, this part is make it more easier for me to take of the tape. Sometimes, when I'm in a rush, PEEL the whole tape is just a pain in the ass LOL. With this blue mark, I can peel it more faster because that part is already cut for purpose. 

See? Seriously, it's easy! XD XD

The texture of the tape isn't like some tape which is a little rough and shiny. This tape is has a smooth surface and not shiny under a lamp, but yeah it still look obvious whenever I close my eyes. lol but I don't really care because sometimes I cut it again so it look more thinner, hehehe. It look less obvious and people rarely know I'm using eye tape except they see me closer. I really wish the tape isn't too long like this, lol.

Although it's not look nice when I close my eyes, but when my eyes is open it looks so good. This eye tape can stand on my oily eyelid but it's not super sticky so be careful when you use it.

with my ULTRABLUE EOS lens XD XD , yeaaay pretty double eyelid!! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

♔ Tips to use an Eye Tape

1. Always clean your eyes first from oil, dirt, before stick the eye tape.
2. If the tape can't lift your eyelid because of the fat, you should line your eye first with the fork to define the line. (Push with the fork, it's not hurt!)
3. Stick the tape under the desire line you've made.
4. I suggest you to apply the tape before make up, because it stick more longer in your eyes. But for my self, I like to use it after I apply eye make up. XD
5. You CAN cut the tape to any size you like, I usually thin the tape so it doesn't look too obvious when I close my eyes. *cheating

Compared to fiber and eye talk, personally I like use a tape more than them. Because, a tape won't fall like eye talk and fiber sometimes can't hold eye fat (If you have a really drop mono-lid eye type). But sometimes I use eye talk together with the tape, this is to make the tape more stronger.

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Not expensive
✩ Has a blue mark which make it more easier to take it off
✩ Not shiny and doff surface

✩ Too long
✩ Not sticky
✩ Available online

Btw, I've finished 1 clothes ╥﹏╥ . I haven't sew a clothes again since last year so it took sometimes for me and yeah I did a mistake! (´;д;`) But, I'm so happy finally 1 clothes is finished! HAHA yeay I know I can do it! And today, as planned I'm going to make a photoshoot for my brand. I'm not really prepared but yeah I'll try my best to look pretty in picture HAHA so someone will be interested in purchase my clothes ( ._. ). I'm not going to post the result soon, because it should become a surprise when I open my store. hehe. Please lookin forward to it!

And this afternoon I've an invitation to Kiehl's event, aww I really want to go~~ but not sure If I can make it in time ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ. Since Kiehl's is about skin care I really want to know!! And I wouldn't be so lucky to be invited again next time, so I really hope I don't missed this event. Let's see if I can make it to the event today!
Thank youuu for reading and have a nice day!

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