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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

EOS Bubble Blue from Tomato Shop

Blue, is my lucky color this year, mwahahahha and I rarely use blue color lens, because I think I might look weird in it. And Tomato shop offers me to reviewed this EOS bubble series and I was pick the blue color. The reason why I pick this color because the ocean blue color is really pretty and look mysterious, HAHAHa. And for the first time I got a FROG animal case! XD XD yeaaaayyy! ahhahaha

Many people probably wouldn't choose this color because it looks so unnatural, but I challenge my self to try it, because I never try such color before. I always stick to brown color, hahahahahhaha or pink! XD 

Let me tell you first, this lens design doesn't has any ring so don't expect an enlargement effect with this color lens, because it's all about COLOR here! POP the color on your eyes ^O^

And just like my other EOS lens, it feel comfortable enough for me, I never experience an eye irritation because of EOS. This is the look on my eyes, ready? HAHA

I use a natural false lashes here, because I want to see if I use this lens for hang out. Omg, my eyes look so bluuuueeeee, the color is crazily stand out!!

My LOOK?? Lol, I don't look like my self here, look like a half human and.. what? wolf?, *slapped 

Okay try to pose sexy #FAIL

Because this color lens is SO playful, I think it would look great in Cosplay? So, I grab my wig and re-create the eye make up. This lens somehow make me look blank. hahahhhaha XD or maybe because I was so sleepy XDDDD LOL

Fits my WIG perfectly! XD nyahahahha

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Super bright color!
✩ Nice for cosplaying, hahahaha

✩ Look weird on me if I don't use make up
✩ Not natural at all
✩ Not any enlargement effect

✰ Color : 10/10
✰ Design : 8/10
✰ Comfort : 7.5/10
✰ Enlargement :3/10  -.-

Don't worry this is the last photo of me! XDDD HAHA, What do you think about the lens? Do you dare wearing this lens? I would love to wear it someday for hang out, but I definitely need to wear make up, because I think it'd looked weird without any make up. Except you have caucasian eyes XD. lol

Tomato Shop is an online circle lens store which is based in Indonesia, you can get 10% coupon with code : COMINICA. Check out their facebook here.

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a nice days! ^O^/ Now, I have 2 helper on my workshop, I'm not really use to it, but I need to work fast that's why I want to find more people for help! Desperately need a professional Tailor asap >____< I can't do all the things by my self, LOL

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