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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cominicawaii Giveaway - Cawaii ありがとう!!

Hello LADIES! Now, it's time for a giveaway! (≧∇≦)/ , First I want to say "Thank You"  (-^〇^-), thank you for visit, read, comment and follow my blog with love. And for some lovely ladies I know from blogging world, thanks for being my friends! It is so nice to know all of you. So, I want to show it by holding this Cawaii Giveaway. 

❤ I've made some bows and include 4 of them on this giveaway, I hope you like it! You can use it on your hair and style it the way you want. Cuteness! 
❤ And then a Revlon lip butter in Strawberry shortcake, this is my favorite color that's why I picked it. And I love Lip butter so much, so I want you to try it too except you already have it ;__;
❤ And a Revlon color stay lipstick in Pink Indulgence, a sweet and pretty pink. Stay long on lips and matte finish.
❤ Then, there's an Opera face color in baby pink, you can use it for your eyes and your cheek. A soft pink color, lovely for young and cute look.
❤ I've include 2 gold bangles too, lol :p. You can mix and match it with other bangles you have. hehe
❤ And the last thing is, my own design false  lashes, kkekekekke I made this three design for this giveaway, I don't make another pair of this, so it specially made for the winner. hehe (///∇//)  I hope you like the design >__<
❤ Oh, and I've include one pair of Diamond Lash princess eye, I got 5 pairs of this so I don't mind share one of it. lol

If you realize it, I picked so many pink color in the giveaway prices, hahahahha because I think pink is the most CAWAII color in the world. :p
My mom said 13 is my lucky number in this year, so I picked 13 items for my giveaway hehehe.
So, do you like the prizes? If yeah please join this giveaway, If you don't then I don't care BUT you still need to join my giveaway, bwhahahahah XD no ne, kidding XD It's up to you :D :D

Please join the giveaway by fill this RAFLECOPTER form. OPEN INTERNATIONALLY! So everyone can join! ^^
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end on 7th May 2012. lol 7 is my lucky number too this year mwahahaha  (^▽^) 
Thanks for joining ladies and please spread the love~! ^o^/
Have a nice weekend!

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