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Monday, February 27, 2012

Candy Doll x Melliesh Lip Gloss short comparison

Helloooooooooo, Okay now I'm going to compare this 2 Lip Glosses, Melliesh Baby Doll and Candy Doll Strawberry Milk, I've made a review about two of them last week. But, you can read this post again just to make sure about it. This is going to be a short post, I hope you'll like it.

Left : Candy Doll
Right : Melliesh

As you can see on the picture, the Candy Doll wand is more slimmer and the brush hair is more shorter than Melliesh. Personally, I like the Candy Doll wand more than Melliesh, because the Candy Doll wand doesn't mess my lipstick if I want to use if over a lip color. BUT, the Melliesh Lip Gloss doesn't need any lip color again, the color is already so obvious because it has a 2in1 formula. Concealer and Lip gloss, so it's really perfect if I'm in a rush.

The swatches,
Melliesh : Doesn't has shimmer, the color is more solid.
Candy Doll : Has shimmer and the color isn't really obvious.

Melliesh : Thick, not sticky, subtle shine, delicate finish
Candy Doll : Thick, not sticky, super shine, juicy finish.

In my opinion, the Melliesh Lip Gloss is more dense than Candy Doll, Melliesh is more like a Lip Color+Lip Gloss and Candy Doll is make my lips super shiny and juicy, but I need to use a lipstick before so it doesn't look nasty lollll! Both of them are really good and has a different effect. 

So, which one I'm going to purchase again? BOTH of them.

Melliesh :: Has a solid color, doesn't make my lips feel dry after the gloss is wear off, lovely substitute for my lipstick because I only need to do one step (usually, Lip stick+Lip Gloss) work great if I'm in a rushhhhh, has a subtle shine and not sticky, doesn't feel greasy. Has so many cute colors to collect. XD

Candy Doll :: Has a super shiny, superrr juicy effect to my lipsss. I looveee it so much, but since the color isn't dense I need to apply it over a Lip stick/other lip color. I don't know about other color though, I'll try other colors if I've the budget! LOL

Thanks for reading ladies! Good night! I'm so tired today, going to a tailor and give her new design, it's fun but traffic is so horrible -`д´-. Make me going crazy!! (/゚Д゚)/ Btw, anyone using Samsung Galaxy Note at the moment? I can't choose between SGNote and Iphone, I'm so confused. I don't understand Android, but SGNote is so nice for sketching, etc, the LCD is more bigger than I-phone.. but.. bla bla , okay I stop here. LOL (;¬д¬)

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