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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Year! Haul and other things (Picture Heavy)

Gong Xi Gong Xi~ Xin Nian Kuai Le!~ o( ̄∇ ̄o) , I'm sorry for late update ladies (I'm still in new year mood! Lol!). So, three days ago I was celebrate chinese new year with all my family from my father side. It was so fun and festive, foods everywhere and of course ANG PAO everywhere! LMAO. (*´▽`*)
I'll still received Ang Pao before I'm married in my family (mostly Chinese are like that, but not all of them), so I still feel excited although already adult mwahahahha! I don't want to talk  about my Ang Paos amount, lol, I believe if I don't talk about it, the total amount of Ang Pao that I receive will increase every year XD, sounds weird but it happens to me (///∇//).

And, about my hair color, I've colored it 1 week before CNY and the color looks more brighter before I wash it again and again until today! I like the color at that moment but not now, it looks not nice now. Aww, I hate using hair dye other than Japanese brand! The color selection isn't much and not interesting! LOL. I bought this because I'm lazy to pre-order Liese buble hair/Palty (in a rush) so I just buy this and yeah don't really like it. At first it look nice but about 2 weeks, the color is look not visible. (#゜皿゜)x

1 day after color ( IDK if you can see the highlight or not XD)

2 week after color


Forget about my ugly hair now, I know I haven't post about my haul for a while because I was forget to capture it lately. But yesterday night, I was making a review and didn't forget to captured my haul too last night. I bought these Accessories and make up thingy at a mall near my house, not much but I love it! I've got Eyemazing and Diamond Lash from my auntie (aww thank youuu so much kuku >‿< )v.

And I'm still waiting my other haul to come, probably will come about 2-4 weeks. They're some Dolly Wink otona collection and other Japanese brand cosmetics, maybe I'll purchase some skin care next month. I need to use my money wisely because I'm going to pay a Tailor and make a clothes brand, tag, other stuffs. Have a wonderful days Ladies!! Thanks for reading (⌒▽⌒)

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