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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

R/S: SANA Maiko Han brush

My dear friends want to see this SANA Maiko han brush >‿<. Sorry for delay this post ( ゚ Д゚). This brush is one of Maiko Han series. This is a foundation brush to apply the Base and Foundation. You get a foundation palette too, for mix foundation or anything. It can be use for many times and you don't need to worry about it, because this palette is really nice. I always swipe it first with alcohol before use to kill germs or any harm.

This foundation brush has a soft and quite stiff brush. Easy to use, but you need to train your hand so the base and foundation will blend nicely and smooth on your skin.

I'm not good with this foundation brush too. I'm not use to it. But, I always use Maiko Han base and foundation with this brush. It's because the SA told me and demo this brush to me!! Actually, I didn't want to buy this brush because it's kinda pricey and I've already bought so many things while I was in Singapore (ノTДT). I want go there again, I wanna buy Dolly wink limited edition thereeeee, hate it! Can't get anything here! ヽ(`д´;)ノ 

Actually, I want to buy dariya/liese atm, I want kanno yui hair color. But no luck, here is way too pricey, and that makes me buy a random Revlon color silk hair dye, I hope it will turn out nice. Because my hair color now is soo uneven~ hatee it (ノTДT) Aww sorry for random blabbing (●`3´●)

I love this brush, because it's not too long for my hand, so I can apply the base and foundation more easier. I'm not really good with applying liquid make up though. gahahahha ( ̄ー ̄)*lame. But, I think this brush is worth to have. I don't know if compared to high brand brush like MAC because I never buy MAC brushes. lol ≧△≦

Thanks for reading ladies, Do you use brush to apply liquid foundation too? Sometimes, I apply it with my hands if I'm in a rush, hahahha. I like the warmth feeling on my skin. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Im not in the mood for blogging this past days, I still have few sponsored review to do but I was too busy to do one. I hope I can do it start from tomorrow ^-^)v, I'll reply all your comment as soon as possible okaaayyy :*, Have a nice day!

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