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Thursday, November 03, 2011

kkcenterhk lower lashes - sponsored review with a coupon code!

Hello ladies (≧∇≦)/, this is another sponsored review from kkcenterhk. I've got 3 pair of different lower lashes style from them, you can see the first one here. Im going to review 2 of them now. I've delay the review so long, so sorry! (≧ε≦*) 

disclaimer : I only put a bb cream on my face, so bear for some spots over my nose ( ゚з゚)
all pictures were taken by nikon digi cam

kkcenterhk give me M39-A (1 Pair Clear Line Cross Natural Under Lower Bottom Eyelashes) and M122 (1 Pair Black Line Very Soft Cross Under Bottom EyeLash)

My opinion about the M39-A, Cross natural lower lashes.

If you see the false lashes is kinda messy, I think it because of the shipping that makes the feather messy like that :/

✩ Honestly, I think this lower lashes is way too long for my eyes, It seems doesn't suit my eye shape (small Asian eyes). That's why I need to cut it to 3 small part and apply it one by one to the edge of my eyes. I only need 1 piece of them to use, so I can use the other piece for next make up ◕ ‿◕. 

This false lashes has a clear band which I like so it will look natural. And I'm kinda like the result, it looks not fake in real and I wore it to a mall for a dinner. Although, I love to use lower lashes, I've always try to make it not look obvious.


My opinion about the M122

✩ This false lashes is incredibly soft and has a natural feather, but it has a thick black band which I always avoid for a lower lashes. (゚ε゚ ) This false lashes is nice for a full eyeliner eye make up on your lower eyeI only apply eyeliner to my entirely lower lashes line.I don't change my eye make up that time, just wanna show you how the lower lashes look like. See how natural the feather is? ^^ the black isn't really obvious in real life, but when captured with flash it looks a bit shiny. lol( ̄ー ̄)

I don't really like my self with eyeliner all over my lower eyes, because I look so weird. Don't you think so? ≧△≦ I think I should use Koji eye talk to make my eye lid look more deeper, but I don't like use eye glue to hang out because I'm too lazy to apply it when I was in a rush. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

*took without flash - room light

For my upper eyes, I use Dolly wink number 1 and kkcenterhk A111 on the edge. Make sure you check out their website on kkcenterhk and check out their collection of false lashes, make up palettes, nail art, fashion and wigs. My favorite upper false lashes is A111, it looks so natural and you can always use it for hang out~! That's what I do, lol (^▽^)v

And Good news ladies!(*´▽`*) kkcenterhk provide an unique coupon code for my lovely readers :: 


Coupon Amount : 10% Off
coupon code of End Date: 28,Feb.,2012

Make sure you put the code to get 10% Off when purchasing from them. Thanks for reading ladies, have a nice days and stay pretty as always! (≧∇≦)/

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