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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No Make Up Look ?? + End of my giveaway

Hello ladies (≧∇≦)/ !! Wonder why I've made this post?? Okay, so I realize I've always put make up everytime I go out now. It's become a habit now and I don't think that's wrong so I'll not stop doing it. It just, my family (dad, mom and brother) and my boyfriend, oh well, they've said that I put too much make up on my face lately. Puahhahaah I know!! But, I can't help it because I love doing make up and I feel like I waste my make up If I'm not use it when going out. It's not like I'm afraid going out without make up, really~

So, I've came up with a decision. I will not use heavy make up again when going out with them except for a party or meeting. LOL. And guess what? My mom was really happy and said I look more younger without all that circle lens, eyeliner and fake lashes! ≧△≦""
Yeah, I know mom.. but yeah, I'll not stop using make up. It'll be so boring, lol. (#゜皿゜)\

Want to see me without circle lens, eyeshadow, eyeliner, fake lashes and shading? Lol. I'm sure I had post my bare face before and a video where I didn't use any make up. 
Since all my post now is the too-much-make-up (<-- my bf said that (゚O゚((○=(`▽´*)o ) me, so I'm going to post it again with less-make-up-me when going out. hehe because I've already post my bare face before so I'm not going to post it again :p This is me.. and yeah! I still wear make up, only wear bb cream and soft mascara. What do you think? LOL. No make up look, really look like I'm not wearing any make up at all. Look ugly or no? >_<

Wonder what's the difference? so many!

Small eyes, round face, flat nose, flat and short false lashes!! T__T aww~~ huhuh

But, I still LOVE my self! The ordinarry me. Why? If I don't love my self, how other people suppose to love me? (///∇//)
Always be confident and you will feel great everyday! No need to feel desperate, envy or mess with other people because I love my self~! And I want all my readers to love themselves too and I know you are! ^O^)/
Okay, enough talking for this post (^▽^). See you on the next post, back to my beauty blog again. Lol, sorry if this post is boring~ hahahhahahahha and once again, sorry for late reply all of your lovely comments, I'll reply it on weekend~ ^-^)v
Love you ladies!! Stay happy and pretty!~
Thanks for always reading >w<


Btw, my giveaway has ended yesterday~~ Thanks for joined everyone!!!! I'll post the winner this friday~ Sorry for so late, I need to put all the name first. See you soon! :*

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