Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Liole waterdrop bb cream VS Liole beyond solution bb cream

Liole waterdrop bb cream VS Liole beyond solution bb cream

This is the Liole bb cream comparison. I've got this bb cream as a gift from someone ^-^)v. The packaging is so cuteeee, baby blue and pink color!! look at those Cinderella pumpkin cart like logo. >w<)o

As you can see on the pictures the waterdrop bb cream shade seems bit lighter than beyond solution bb cream. The waterdrop texture is so light and watery, it's nice if you want to use it for everyday. And it suit an oily skin too, not sure if you have a dry skin because mine is combination. ^-^
The beyond solution bb cream texture is bit more thick and has a nice coverage (I use it for conceal too), it stay for hours on my skin but it get oxidize sometimes. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ 
with flash

without flash

Although the waterdrop shade is more ligher but it doesn't has a brightening effect on my skin after it's blended. It looks like I don't wear any bb cream at all ( ̄ー ̄). But the beyond solution makes my skin look more brigther and smooth because of the medium heavy texture.
with flash

without flash
The scent is almost same, it has a soft baby product smell or slightly flower scent.(///∇//)

after about 5 minutes

♔ Liole Waterdrop bb cream ♔
✩ A light weight bb cream, great for everyday use.
✩ Watery texture.
✩ Light shade.
✩ Doesn't makes me breakouts
✩ Doesn't oxidize.
✩ Doesn't has a brightening effect
✩ Light coverage

♔ Liole Beyond Solution bb cream ♔
✩ A medium weight texture bb cream.
✩ Thick texture (but not as thick as missha IMO).
✩ Natural shade.
✩ Doesn't makes me breakouts.
✩ Oxidize when I'm sweating/in a hot place.
✩ Has a brightening effect when blended.
✩ Medium-heavy coverage.

So, if you looking for a light weight bb cream for everyday use, go find Liole waterdrop bb cream. But, if you looking for a medium coverage with brightening effect you should try Liole beyond solution bb cream.

I hope this review is clear and helpful. Have a nice days Ladies!! and stay Happy~! (≧∇≦)/ 


LemonberryLulu said...

I've been wanting to get new bb cream and I wanted to see if the waterdrop ones were any good, thanks!

Jacqueline H said...

great review! i have the pink one myself, not like it too much.  now i want to try the blue one! thanks for the post! keep it up with ur good work! :D

Princess Momoy said...

wow. what a great review dear cominica
momoy think waterdrop best for everyday and lightday use =)

Diane said...

great review hun!
really helpful for having some comparison..
i like the swatch too

Stephanie Nangoi said...

Aku beli yang waterdrop sampe skr blm dicobain... masih ada di laci.. hahaah, thanks for reminding me, sweetie~

jess said...

nice comparison...=)

Yuna said...

wow amazing review! I might get the waterdrop version :3

shinyprettythings said...

thanks for such a great detailed review!!! i have the pink one and really like it bc it has pretty good coverage

misskatv said...

thanks for the review :D

citraramya said...

Ih, iya ya, packagingnya lucu! :))

PrincessRyo said...

Thank you, the design is so cute!

KT said...

I just got the Beyond the Solution bb cream recently, so now I'm even more excited to try it out! I thought it would be a LOT lighter, so I'm glad that it's actually darker so it will probably match me better :D Thanks so much for the detailed review, a very fun read indeed! :D

Aya said...

Liole products always have really cute packaging! :D

Tish Tash said...

i really wish they'd sell these in stores here >.>

Sakuranko said...

OmG!! So coool products really interesting posts!!

Mimi said...

The waterdrop bb cream look great! I am always in the lookout for a lighter coverage bb cream!

You are awesome so I gave you The Classic Beauty Award!

Amyboo said...

I've been thinking about trying Lioele's BB Creams after I finish my 2nd tube of Missha. :3 I really like thick coverage though so I must go with Beyond the solution~ Thanks for sharing!

PopBlush said...

The waterdrop bb cream blended in so naturally with your skin~ Love how lightweight it is too~

Ellie said...

ooh, i didnt know bb creams could be used as foundation :D

Dewi ♥ said...

Lovely BB cream! I like that it is light weight(letting the skin breathe), great for everyday :)

Rinny said...

Omg thank you so much for this review! I have Missha's Perfect Cover bb cream but the mineral oil in it clogs my pores, so I've been looking for another med to heavy coverage bb cream. The Beyond Solution one looks and sounds really good!

Karina Dinda Rachmawati said...

Thanks a lot for this review, BB cream ku slalu bikin wajahku berminyak, don't know what to do :(

shawna cheng said...

oooh :o i think i might get the waterdrop bb; thanks for the review! ^^

Pitaloka Ramadina said...

Aiiihhh..thanks for review ce.
Tadinya ngincer si water drop, berharap bisa kasih dewy efek gitu, dan emang lebih demen yg coverage nya sheer2 begono. Tapi kaya nya bakalan lebih masuk shade si beyond deh. water drop bakalan ngeblend ama tone kulit ga sih?

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