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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look - Pink!

Hey! I've got few request to use a Pink eyeshadow and I try it on this look.
I really not in a good mood T__T, so I just make a quick post with this look with my random ramblings~
Thanks for people who request me to use pink eyeshadow because my boyfriend really like it! ^-^)v

♔ What I use?? ♔
✩ Face :: SANA Maiko han base, foundation and powder
✩ Cheek :: Opera face color - doll pink
✩ Lips ::  Revlon colorburst baby pink and ZA lip plumper
✩ Eyes :: La girls hi def palette, Maybelline hyper sharp liner, falsies

--------------------------- Random Ramblings -----------------------------------

I'm not really in a good mood this few days, I hope I can cheer up soon.
I don't like mean people, actually i'm pretty cool but sometimes I can be so sensitive.

I hate when some friends come to me just when they need something, I always answer nicely but they just so rude, act all mighty. Ask me to make me down? wtf.

And when you realize that someone is hate you, it feels so sad. And you don't know what have you did, so they hate you.
I feel I don't even mean to them at the first place, why they're so mean to me? talking behind my back and all that mean stuffs.
Maybe they just hate me, hate the way I am. Hate everything I do.
If you hate me, then just leave me alone. Don't read my blog again, that solve everything. It's okay if you want to hate me. It's your choice. :)
And i'm trully sorry if you feel like I did something to you, cause I even don't know about it. If you already mature you should tell me and say that in a nice words.

I've been a little sensitive and I think it because I almost reach my PMS days.
Anyone has a same feeling like me?

I hope I forgot this feeling the next few days, It almost holiday and I'm going to have lots fun with my family! ^-^
I hope you guys too~~
Have a nice day!!

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