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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 things I love♡

I got tagged last month by lina
sorry for post this so late! >_<

So, here's 10 things I love ::

1. I ♡ Craft/Handmade
I always love making things by my self, like accessories, 
clothes, costumes, knitting, sewing and other things I like.
Even though I haven't make anything I while, but I'll
continue my costume soon! >‿<

2. I ♡ Make Up
Make up is being part of my life now, I think it's a form
of art, since I loves art since I was a kid.
I'm not really great at make-up, but I love applying it on my face
and see the result. ^o^
I really hope I can make a make up tutorial soon and will be so happy
if someone find it helpful :D
I love Gyaru make up so much, since it'll make my eyes bigger
and like a doll~  ◕ ‿◕

3. I ♡ ANIME
Well, I can't denied that I'm an Otaku ≧△≦.
I love Shounen story than shoujou one, hehe
But I like Lucky Star n K-ON! hoho
currently addicted to fairy tail and beezelbub  now! LOL

4. I ♡ Cosplay
I was cosplaying because I love the character so much.
I don't like ppl do cosplay just to find popularity or whatever =.=
I do cosplay because I pure love it, I love make the costumes,
styling the wig, being the character I love. Just simple as that.
That's why I do cosplay and come to event when I really want to,
not because I must come or take part in the competition.
I take part in a competition if I want, I just depend on my mood. :p

5. I ♡ Fashion
mostly Japan fashion and lolitas.
I ♡ wear a simple one and not too lolitas, coz ppl will
starring at me like im a weirdo or someting o,0
but still, I want to try it sometimes XD
I love clothes with laces, frills and cuteee.

6. I ♡ Design
Since my edu background from Graphic design and
Fashion design, it's odd if I don't like it. ͡๏_͡๏
I love designing clothes and planning to make a boutique
where I can sell my design clothes and dress.
I still preparing it though, can't wait till all is done! :D

7. I ♡ GAME
my favorite game : Ragnarok XD
I played many online game before and PS, mostly RPG.
Like Mana Khemia, FF, Magna Carta, HM and many mooree.
And oh, I  like Dynasty Warrior too! :D

8. I ♡ Food.
Yeah, that's why my Diet is always failed! hahaha
my favorite : sushi, sashimi, pepper steak, bbq, pasta
you know I spent my money mostly on food T_T

9. I ♡ Blogging
I love sharing my thought, make up and skin care experience.
And I meet many sweet ppl through blogging.

10. Okay so the last thing  ♡ DOG
I loooveee Dog, esp Pomeranian and Chihuahua!
They're just too cuteeeee, waaaaaa

That's all~ Actually I still many things left to put, but hey!
It just 10! lol XD
And I need to tag 10 people, okay I always get confused while
tagging ppl, so I just do it randomly :p

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