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Friday, July 08, 2011

Singkapoh trip part 1 ! and HAUULL! (picture heavy!)

Hello lovelies! (`∀´)ノ
I went to Singapore for holiday and it was really nice!
I was there for 6 night.
That's why I couldn't update my blog for a few days.

I went there, with my bro, sis, and one friend.
We live in a Hostel called Rivercity inn and the place is so
clean and comfy, I love it! ^O^
The people are nice too, some are friendly though, it's so fun!

My sis and I have our own trip destination, so we
 were decided to went together, just two of us. (^v^)
My sister wanted to took scenery pikkus, while me wanted to
shopping. (///∇//)

1st day ::

I went shopping on the 1st day at Plaza Singapura,
Ngee ahn city and walking arround Scape.
I was planning to buy so many things in Singapore
and I couldn't enjoy my trip if I haven't buy my wishlist yet.
So yeah, we decided to get some thingy first.( ´∀`)

Plaza Singapura, I was looking for John Little, Daiso and Sasa.
But I didn't went to Sasa on my 1st day coz I was forgot! =.=
But John Little and Daiso are really made my day that day!

Bought Canmake, Dejavu and other things at John Little. The place
isn't to big but it's so comfortable.
I bought many things at Daiso, mostly falsies, some useful box
for falsies and make up, cosme cotton, nail clipper, tweezer,
figurine box and other things. Well it just 2 bucks each!
But sorry I forgot to took a pikkus of it coz I threw away all the packaging.

After this I was looking for Haru House at Scape and had a really
HARD time to find it and it's not really fun,  I mean the Bazaar.
The cosplayer is just few, so I didn't took any pikkus there.
But Scape has really so many store with Japanese style, like a cafe
with school girl waitresses.

Then, at Ngee ahn city I was looking for Watson! Yeah I can
find anything I want there, I felt like I want to buy it all~
And don't forget Sephora, but I was quite dissapointed coz
I couldn't find UD Naked there, so I didn't buy anything.

It was really a tired day, Orchard road is sooo busy and crowded.
I don't really like it, coz my sis and I don't like a crowded place.
But I bought so many things that day so I was really happy when
back to Hostel. (*^▽^*) 

BeautyLabo hair color essence - Juju Aloe 100% lotion - Liese bubble Ash brown (2)
Dolly wink no.1 - Dolly wink limited edition - Dolly wink case
Hada labo AHA/BHA c/f - Acnes Clay Mask - Koji eyetalk
Dejavu fiberwig - Biore UV Milk Bright face - Majolica Majorca Pencil eyeliner
Daiso automatic eyeliner - 12 e/s palette - Clearpad (2) - Daiso Falsies

Dolly Wink no. 1 - Dolly Wink Limited Edition - Dolly Wink Case

Canmake Nudy Glow (strawberry macaroon), Canmake cheek&cheek no.2
Canmake Four shiny eyes no.5, Canmake falsies 09
Canmake Cream Cheek 7,8

Majolica Majorca Lash expander & Eye Reset Gel

2nd Day ::

We went to Fort Canning Park, and this time we went together.
It's so HOT and the park wasn't really interesting for me,
but still I like enjoying my self alone and took some pikkus.

road near clarke quay

We walked again to find Armenian Church and took some pikkus there.
It's so hot, but the place is so beautiful.

After that my sis and I went to Peranakan Museum. It's really
really cool! I really like it. There are so many beautiful collection
and the history is really nice too. Here is some pikkus there.
And sorry I took all my pikkus there with my digi cam, so bear
it if it's not clear.

in front of Peranakan Museum

Peranakan jewelry

Peranakan pot collection

And we were walking arround.

Armenian Street

near orchard

near victoria street


Esplanade place

near Fullerton

Then found city hall and walking again to find Suntec city, and
bought Old chang kee and unyuu Pokka milk green tea.
I bought two bags at Suntec city, it's so cute and unique!

Before we went home, guess where I was spent my time?
John Little, again?? Well, they have a 20% sale I just couldn't
help my self to buy... again!

Gothic mirror, Essence soft mask, Evian mineral water, Biore c/o,
Biore eye make up remover, SANA Maiko Han Foundie no.1
SANA Maiko Han foundie brush, SANA Maiko Han Powder, SANA concealer gloss no.2
Maybelline HyperSharp Liner, Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes,
Dermaflee mask, K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo, Falsies.

SANA Maiko Han Foundie no.1 - Maiko Han Loose Powder
SANA super quick gloss - Maiko Han foundie brush

3rd Day ::

I went with my sister again, this time we were heading to
Henderson Bridge, my sis really want to see it. So we just
kept going but we were lost and we didn't care, just kept going
and going and we found it! Yay! It's sooo tall and...oh well, scary!
I'm afraid of height. Oh poor me :(
But still I enjoy took some pikkus there.

After that we took a bus to Vivo city but we were wrong, LOL.
We stopped at Raffles then took a MRT to Vivo City, it just so funny
because we looked like a lost child with confused face.
I ate a really delicious La mien at Vivo city food republic, the seller was
really nice and gave me looottt of meat! Wow!

Sky Park

Daiso @Vivo City
I only bought 2 nail polish and some toys here.

A cute shop @ Vivo City

After eating we were walking to Sentosa Broadway, well the scenery is
so beautiful!

to be continued...

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