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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Product I used to combat acne and skin imperfection

Hello all my sweet readers!(≧∇≦)/
Thanks for always comment and support me ^-^
As promised, on this post I'll show you 
what I've use to combat annoying ACNE 
and skin imperfection such as black heads and white heads.

Okay, I'll tell a story first, 
so you'll know what is my skin condition.

my skin is combination sensitive, oily in T-zone
bit dry over cheek.

Last two weeks when I was in SG, 
my skin started to become so dry with redness
and many whiteheads appearing!! 
Including  blackheads and ACNE.
Yeah! Probably because I went outdoor everyday 
and hit by sunlight directly, you know it was really HOT!! 

Oh my, I knew the big reason, 
probably because I use bb cream everyday and
 I didn't bring my mask! But later I bought Acnes while at Watson.

Yeah, for 1 week my skin wasn't treat well like always.
And when I was back in Indonesia and looking into the mirror,
I was like WTF??!#$#?!! Is this me? LOL (overreacting)( ̄ー ̄)
My skin is darker and dry with redness
many whiteheads along with pimples.HAHA  (ノTДT)

So, I started to treat my skin after that!
First thing I did was MASK my face. 
Yeah it's very essential for me,
I just can't live without my mask, oh how shallow I am!

Mask I was using ::

I need to get rid of my redness and 
my heal my dry and coarse skin

well, I need to calm my tired skin,

♥ Acnes
I use it while I was in SG 
coz I bought it at Watson! review to come)

SOFT! My skin became so soft and 
white heads was dissappear one by one,yayy
I will never skip this mask again! never!

Skincare I use ::
most essential one for acne and trouble skin

♥ HadaLabo AHA/BHA Foam Exfoliating Face Foam
review to come

my daily emulsion, never skip this on my daily skin care :)

♥ Sariayu Mukjizat Tolak Jerawat
a local brand, will review it if someone ask :3
"miracle acne lotion"

Utena Moisturizing Aloe lotion
review to come
this product is absolutely good!

♥ Sari Ayu Lotion Anti Jerawat
review to come
"an anti-acne lotion"

Okay, so I'll be review those products on my next post.
Sorry I couldn't post it all at once, it'll be a long boring post
and I want to make it detail so I need to separate it.
Btw, please let me know which product you want me
to review first okay~

If not I'll do it randomly ^-^

Thank you for reading!

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