Monday, July 11, 2011

LA Girls Hi Def 10 Colors Palette in Parfait -Review+Swatches

Well, many people asked me to swatches this palette.
Looks like there's many people interested in this palette.(`∀´)ノ 
Yeah, why not?? The color is so pretty and it's so cheap!
And it's pretty good too! (`▽´*)
So, let's go!


1st swatches without any base

flush with water

rub it hardly

dry it with cotton

erase with make up remover once

2nd swatches with base

flush it with water

Rub it hardly
staying so good!

clear it once with make up remover

clear it randomly

One thing I don't like 'bout this palette is that, it's not easy to apply,
I mean you need to apply it again and again coz the texture is kinda
weird, but the color turn out quite nice. And as you can see in the picture,
the staying power is quite good. Especially if you use a base.
To pick up the color is quite annoying, coz if you're in a hurry you'll
ended pick other color together. ( ̄□ ̄;)

I would like use this palette without base for natural look and everyday use.
This palette will be nice for people who love natural look,
the color is so soft and pretty.

You can make a smokey eye too with this palette, coz it has a dark color
on it. I think I can play with many look with this palette.  (´・ω・`)

Purchase again? Maybe, the other colors looks pretty cute too!
And it's just about $7.7 ! 

Rating : 4/5
Packaging : 4/5
Ease of Use : 3/5
Pigmented : 3/5
Staying power : 4/5

Overall  :: 3.6/5

Do you have this palette too?
I want see the other colors swatches if someone has it! (*^▽^*) 

Thanks for reading lovelies~~


Amy said...

The colors look great with a base! :) but yeah, I imagine it's kind of annoying to accidentally swatch a different color in a hurry. :/

Kim said...

oh waaw, the swatches look incredibly more intense over the base! can you tell me what make-up mase you are using? pretty please?~~~ ^^

and thanks for the swatches, they got a fairy-tale-ish pink and purplish colors =D

Kim said...

awee, thanks for informing me about the prof pic. It must has been fixed already ^^

Anonymous said...

The colours are so pretty and much more bright with a base~

HitomiNeko said...

Hi dear! nice Review

Nice demo 4 staying in power~ Since you said the applying part is not very good, what do you use to apply the eyeshadows?

Thx for ur comment on my blog. following! , please follow me back ^^

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
*hosting giveaway*

Cominica said...

@amy, yeahh, but I like without base, but the base makes it more vibrant :D
YES, very annoying, lol

@Lina, Im just using La tulipe e/s base :D
you're welcome dear~

@popblush, yeah ^^

@hitomi, follow you back!
btw at 1st I swatches it with my hand, then use the applicator in the palette and the colors look more came out ^^

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

wow...color so nice
must buy it
thx for review
i always searching pink-purple range for eyeshadow
and this product perfect!

Aya said...

I like the colors in this palette :D

Dilla said...

pigmented ya xD
btw kamu pake base apa say?
aku cari-cari e/s base nya aubeau agak susah..

Cominica said...

yeahh, it's quite nice ^^


aku pake la tulipe kok, hehe
kereng bgt sih cuman kalo pake di lid yg oily lama2 suka crease o.O

Yuki Chan said...

hii ^^ aww the color looks soo nice *-* i think i should buy this 2 :)
& thx for the review
& likeee ur blog is soo cute & nice :)

Miharu Julie said...

nice review X) and nice color

Azhezha said...

nice palette, love the color!

thanks for the review and swatches ;)

Luna In The Forest said...

The colors are very pretty! <33

Pat Hannibal said...

(´・ω・)<3 amazing note!!~ >w< i liked the colors =) And more if they resist against the water. Thank you for writing itself I am charmed with me your blogg already following hehehehehehe <3 that you should have a beautiful day ~

Jessica-Marie said...

Love the colors! This definitely looks great :)

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Marjolein Hoekendijk said...

The colors are very pretty! <33

ಇ miharu ಇ said...

nice review X) and nice color

Jessica-Marie said...

Love the colors! This definitely looks great :)

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