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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Geo Super Nudy Brown Circle Lens Review

Geo is my favorite Korean brand contact lenss, why?????
Because it has soo many design to try!
And I never had a problem using this lens, it's easy to get too in my country
and You can get it online too in PinkyParadise.

This contact lens isn't brand new, but to think about it I NEVER
made a proper review for this lens, and someone has asked me
a brown contact lens which quite big and comfortable to use.
So I decide to made this contact lens review.

It's too bad I tear it accidentally, So I can't use it again now, 
you can see how this lens look on my eyes, I only use it for this review.
It looks natural without flash though.

room lightning

with flash 01

with flash 02

And this is how it looks on my eyes few month ago, I love this lens though, I wore it for almost 8 hours and still feel good. But I need to drop few lens solution to my eyes before took it out. This lens is great to use if you have brown hair, so gyaruish! XD

Compare to Geo Nudy Brown (14mm) , I love nudy brown color more than Geo SUPER nudy brown, because nudy brown color is like a soft brown color and this SUPER nudy one is more brown or I should say it looks more bold.

♔ Color : 7/10
♔ Enlargement : 8/10
♔ Comfort : 9/10
♔ Design : 8/10

♔ Diameter : 14.8

Btw, please vote on my blog if you haven't, still 4 days left ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 
Thanks for always reading my blog, I didn't expect someone is actually reading what I write and though sometimes is boring but still someone has reading it! I'm so happy and will keep writing and sharing what I thought >‿<

To my daily routine : now I'm currently make a simple shirt for my mom,
I hope I can finish it this week! She'll be happy If I finish it soon ◕ ‿◕

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