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Monday, July 25, 2011

CLAS:H - Cosplay Live Action Show Hybrid Event

Yeaaaah! Finally I went to cosplay event again! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 
I didn't cosplay though, coz I haven't finish my cosplay costume yet, so I just wear Gothic with my sister.

I met few friends, yeah I don't have many cosplay friends, because I don't go to cosplay event regularly, (for what?) I just go if I want to go with my sister, lol moody pair.

So this Clash event suppose to be an international cosplay event, but HEY! It's only one stall selling food and drink? so pooor! If you want to see the clash cosplay website, you can go here I'm too lazy to explain about the event, lol, I just want to meet friends there and capture cute cosplayers, hohoho

So let's see all cute cosplayers I found yesterday, lalallala~

her name is Akane, aaww she's too cute! (///∇//)

found her accidentally

and this cute pinky hair

my friend ni-chan

want to kidnapped her O_O

my friends nia n sasu

yuki n marcella

While looking for cute cosplayers, we were camwhoring, lol
I mean me and my friend, you can visit her blog here

this is my sister ^-^ isn't she cute? lol

with my friend margaret, lol she was tiptoe to make her height same as me XD

with my new friend yuki ^-^

And here's pictures spam by me, loll

We went to home arround 6pm, then 8.30 pm we ate sushi, yeah, treat after photo hunting, lolll 8D

Salmon set (salmon maki, salmon sushi,sashimi and salmon mentai)

Yakuza Roll (weird name for sushi, lol) mixed of unagi and cheese cream

Spicy tuna rock n roll

Maguro sashimi,actually there's 5 slice but we already ate 2 of them XD

Aaaannnddd, a BONUS!
This is how a kameko pose when taking pictures, ROFL

Sorry, I'll post my make up look next, and thanks for help voting on my blog.
Love you aaallll~~ >‿<

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