Saturday, June 25, 2011

Look : Pastel - FOTD

Hello!! I tried all my Opera Haul yesterday. I think all of the products are quite nice.
Though this brand isn't popular, but the colors are so soft and cute. Nice for creating a pastel look. So, I came up with this look, lol.

This is how I look yesterday before went to lunch ^-^
Sorry for my harsh shading! > _ <

Zoom to lip gloss, the color is soo pastel and cute.
Love thisss ^O^

And eyes
just a simple one ^-^

MUFE HD primer, Missha PC BB cream #21, EDM base buff fair neutral,
EGM HD finishing powder, EGM starlight glow

Opera moist eye colour, Pixy Alluring Garden, Revlon Chocolate Bar, Etude Proof10 E/L,
Opera volume control mascara,  Maybelline unstoppable mascara.

Opera face color, EGM Mineral blush 'Bali'

Lips ::
Etude color me nude, Opera moist lipgloss

What do you think of this look?
Personally, I really like it! ^-^

Thanks for reading lovelies!


Anonymous said...

oh love the FOTD and the circle lens!
You're so cute~ I love what you have on your lips too. I am totally going to look for those shades!

Tujuh Warna Pelangi Blog said...

aww....selalu cantik seperti biasanya. ga pernah bosen ngeliatin fotd nya fleur :)

Nonasunda said...

soooooooo cute ^^

Silkybow said...

you look nice in those circle lenses! you also remind me of my ex jap exchange :)

Kim said...

awe yeaah, EH color me nude rocks~ love it too

Amy said...

Soooo cuute! The lip gloss is uber pretty.

Pat Hannibal said...

TOT i wish the lents sesame gray for bambi OMG!! thanks for the note~ Now I confirm that estan beautiful and I want to buy a few jejejejejejejeje <3 I am charmed with me!!

☆ ayu☆ said...

it's simple but i like it..esp the lip gloss..^^

Euis Maharani Rachmad said...

soooooooo cute ^^

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