Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sushi Madness (lots pikku) + FOTD

Sushi Madness (lots pikku) + FOTD

Hellow ladies!(≧∇≦)/
Do you know sushi?
Do you love it?(*´▽`*)

I love sushi since 2002, back then when I was in high school, it's not easy to find sushi restaurant. But nowadays, you can find many many sushi restaurant. ^w^
The most popular should be sushi tei and kiyadon? I don't know, I haven't tried most all sushi restaurant in Jakarta. But the one I like most is Sakae Sushi which is hard to find now.(* ̄m ̄)
The spicy salmon gunkan is the best!!
It's still available at MKG and PIM1 I think.

Last monday, I went to Gandaria City with my sister n brother. And we ate at Sushi Tei,
actually we want to try another tempting restaurant. 
But, we haven't eat sushi for almost 2 weeks, so we rush to Sushi Tei XD
I know our addictive to sushi is kinda silly. It just too yummy to resist.

Lotsa picture to come!
Sooo yummy.

Salmon Sashimi

 I forgot this name >-<

 Unagi Hand Roll

 Salmon Ikura Hand Roll

 Spicy Salmon Maki

 Tuna Salmon Crispy Mentai

Salmon Ikura Gunkan 

 Special Unagi Roll

 Aburi Salmon Belly

 Salmon Mentai

Me =w= )v , I hate this outfit, I look so FAT -.-


 Me with my sister

 random pikku at Gandaria City

After ate at Sushi Tei, we walk arround and
took some picture.
Then, we ate (again?) at Roppan.
My brother said it is so good and yummy.
So, we decided to tried.
I offered Matcha Matcha and Green tea latte.
My sister tried a cawan mushi which was
so tiny. (●`3´●)
But the taste was pretty good.kekekekek

Pikku again at Roppan. (The manager kept prohibited me to took pikku)

Green Tea Latte <3 <3
Cawan Mushi

Matcha Matcha! So yummy >v<


And here's my FOTD that afternoon.
I was using my new Princess Mimi lens.
(review coming)

Thanks for always reading!


Kim said...

naaaw a sashimi, that's one of my favest food <3 he2

Elaine Candra said...

woaa.. a lot of sushi >.<
I love salmon sashimi + ocha.. hummm <3

Cominica said...

@lina, yepp, me too ^^v

@chaoi, yesss, esp salmon belly the most yum yum <3 <3

Amy said...

Yoko milk salt? Where do you get that?! :OOOOO

Oh man, sushi is my FAVORITE food!! It's so delicious and it fills you up really quick...(but then you get hungry again really quick too haha!) Those pics look yuuuuummmmy!
I really like your lenses and your skin always looks SO perfect!

Cominica said...

@amy, I got it at watson hun ^o^

thanks sis, my skin isn't perfect without make up, lol :D

Anonymous said...

Oh~~ All that Sushi is making me hungry! :D
And its so well presented! xo

jonna said...

yummy sushis..:D's been awhile

PopBlush said...

Oh~~ All that Sushi is making me hungry! :D
And its so well presented! xo

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

yummy sushis..:D's been awhile

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