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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: The Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream VS Platinum Grape Cell Eye Cream

The Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream 
Platinum Grape Cell Eye Cream

How are ya beautiful ladies?? (`∀´)ノ 
I want to make a review of 2 Eye Cream from
The Skin Food.
And it's Salmon Brightening eye cream and
Platinum Grape cell eye cream.

My dark circle condition now, it's getting worst.Σ(゜д゜;) 
Maybe because my sleeping time is not routine
now. But it still okay last month.

Salmon Brightening Eye Cream
(Whitening cosmeceutical)

Okay, so I have been use Salmon Eye Cream
for 1 month and it's ran out, coz
I only bought samples.(`ー´)
And I jusr got Grape cell eye cream as
a gift sample from chic.
So I've tried it too, for more than 1 weeks.(。・_・。)

☆Salmon Brightening Eye Cream☆
Contain extract from salmon for brightening
your dark circle.
● Texture : so creamy and bit sticky.
● Scent : I don't like the smell, it's a lil weird.
● Period of use : more than 1 month

What I think about this product?
● I feel the effect for my dark circle after 1 week use.
● It did brigthening my dark circle, makes it more invisible.
● Moist my eye area which is dry a lot.

Purchase again? : Maybe, since it does a pretty good effect on me.
But I'm looking forward to try other brand first.(つ∀`)  


☆Platinum Grape Cell Eye Cream☆
(wrinkle n brightening effect)

A premium anti-aging eye cream containing grape cells and 
platinum particles that brighten and firm aging skin around the eyes from the inside out

[Grape Cell Story]Bourgogne is one of the three best wine producers in France?
Bordeaux, Bourgogne, and Cotes du Rohone?
known for the Gamay grapes. Extracted from the Gamay grapes, 
our grape cells help regenerate skin cells, 

firming skin from the inside out.

[Platinum Story]Platinum is one of the purest and rarest metals in the world. 
With excellent antioxidant effects, 
Platinum is used for Food, Medical, Cosmetics and etc.

● Texture : Cream and not sticky.
● Scent ; Nice scent , I like it.
● Period Of Use : Almost 2 weeks.

What I think about this product?
● Not sticky after use it.
● Moist my eye area.
● I don't see any brightening effect at first week
use this product and my dark circle looks more darker,
 but I continue to use it until yesterday, 
and my dark circle looks more brighter!
So, if you have a same problem with me, just
keep going, I use it for almost 2 weeks now.

Purchase again? : I want it! But it's a bit pricey(* ̄m ̄)

SO, Salmon VS Grape Cell?? I definetely choose Grape Cell.
It is not sticky and the texture is okay, and it did a good job
on my dark circle.(・∀・) 

That is just my opinion 'bout that product.
It may be different on someone else.
Thanks for reading.


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