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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Enma Ai Cosplay Photosession


Enma ai, is a main character from Anime Series "Jigoku shoujou" or "Hell Girl". She had a tragic past and become a hell correspondence that will send ppl you hate to the hell.

She tend to wear a black and red trimmed school uniform except when she is ‘working’ when she wears a black kimono with colored flowers.

She receives request for vengeance through a website which can only be accessed at exactly midnight  and only by those who truly want to revenge. 
After getting a request she gives the person a doll with a red string indicating that by pulling the string a contract is agreed to take the target of revenge to hell in exchange for that person going to hell when they die. Enma is assisted by three people Ichimoku Ren, Hone Onna and Wanyuudou.

She never show any kind of emotion, looks dark and scary but sad.

::Disclaimer - I did edited some of my picture, and some pictures were edited by my bf.

warning : lotsa pictures to come!

She is my favorite girl character and i decided to cosplay as her.
I know, I might not really look like her. But I've tried my best to cosplay as her.
And I'm sorry if I failed, but I really proud of this coz this is my first cosplay and my 1st time made a cosplay costume, props and styling wig.

Do you like cosplay too?? what do you think?
What character do you like?
tell me! =w=

Thanks for reading!

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