Thursday, April 28, 2011

Haul : Beauty Credit, Skinfood, Etude

Yay! Finally my haul arrived yesterday.
I was soo happy, but the sample were so littlePhotobucket

Disclaimer : Beauty Credit Coenzyme series are my sister's.
I just took all the hauls together 1st.

My Hauls

Skinfood haul.
Banana yogurt mask and Parsley n mandarin emulsion.

Beauty Credit Honey n Black Sugar Mask.
(actually I've ordered Acerolla emulsion too,
but the seller told me that they didn't send it from Korea)

This Beauty Credit mask I got it from the Boutique.



Etude House haul

Proof 10 Eyeliner in black n Color me nude.

That's all.

I'm in Skin care at the moment,
because I want to improve my complexion.
Esp my acne scars.Photobucket

And my favorite now is korean skin care.
because the packaging is so cute and it has
a sweet gentle smell.
And my skin really improve after using Korean skin care.
My favorite at the moment was Beauty Credit
and Skinfood.

If you have a skin care suggestion please tell me.



Unknown said...

H?ow intriguing! I have wanted to try some new skin care products for some acne scars I have. I will have to check out some Korean brands :)

Anonymous said...

I love this haul!! Looking forward to some reviews xoxox

Cominica said...

@yami, yess. im currently using ZA true white essence too. hope it works too :D

@pop, thanks dear, i'll give the review after using for 1 month :3

☆RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Nice haul babe~~ (^O^) Too bad I don't really know about cosmetic stuff o(;A;)o

Kim said...

when it comes to skincare, I never choose korean brand, I prefer for western one cuz it's more reliable (in my opinion) hehehe...cuz korean skincare range always got parfume and artificial color in it, that's a big nooo~~ >.<

Maryam Maquillage said...

omg i looove your blog!!! It is super cute! How do I follow??

Amy said...

Cute haul! I've always wanted to try Korean skincare because I hear such good things about it and they really do seem to work!...However, they're a little pricey. :( Post reviews soon! <3

Cominica said...

@rabitto, thanks hun, now im in skin care than cosmetic :D

@linakim, hey, i dun really know western brand,
do u have any suggestion?:)
yeah, but seriously i like something that has sweet smell~ lol :D

@maryam, oh thanks dear! :D u can follow me on my profile or the main page ^^

@amyboo, it works really well on my skin, that's why im so into it right now, loll :D
btw thanks~

sugar sugar said...

love your layout! <3
great haul too! i love etude house and skinfood! :3

☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Nice haul babe~~ (^O^) Too bad I don't really know about cosmetic stuff o(;A;)o

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