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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Costume progress and haul

I'm going to make a quick post, it's about my costume progress,
which was reaaaallllyy slow. (yeah i've other things to do beside this).

I was currently doing my costume for my next cosplay project.
It really consuming my time, lol, but I was really happy working on
this cotume, coz this costume is from my fave anime! Aria.

Okay, so let's see, but i just took lil picture.
And some of it i just took it today! hehe

messy pattern, aww, i just took it today.Photobucket
and fabric for furring. (it's white cotton).

my sewing machine, i loovvee her!
Gaahh, sorry coz its so messy /( =m= )\

when making Aria symbol, last monday.Photobucket
trrr trrrr
ya know, i sew the oval one with hand, pifft

And here's the dress inside, eww, i haven't connect the
left side with zipper. well, i bought the zipper yesterday.
im going to connect it today and make furing inside the
dress, so the chest look tidy.

Thanks for all your support gurlss, im so happy!Photobucket
makes me so high-spirited .lol


And last my haul last week,

 Oilum, a collagen body wash which im so in love with it!
makes skin moist and soft. contain olive oil and coconut too.

Veet, new shaving cream in my country.

An Acne lotion from Sari Ayu, works well.

Ristra Dermatology Face Scrub, it has a minty sensation which makes my face
feel so fresh after using it.

Garnier Eye roller, open the box already.*loll

Pixy Liquid eyeliner, which is so CHEAP and nice applicator.
so sharp and easy to (about $4.2)
I'm still waiting my Etude eyeliner and currently out of money,
and find this eyeliner!wow im so impressed with itPixel Icons at Ego Box It's waterproof!

The sharp felt applicator.

That's all. Im going to continue sewing again!
Can't wait to finish it, but im going to make another one
for my sister. Fighting!!!

Thanks for reading and for sweet comment!

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