Monday, February 21, 2011

latest haul (with a little review)

haul..haul..and haul..
well, this haul was actually came last week. 
but i have no time to update my blog because it's weekend.Photobucket

This haul was arrived on last thursday
There were. Zamian Cacao Mask (came with 2 soaps),
Baviphat mask sample(each fruit has a different effect).
Then The Skin Food peach sake pore serum,
and salmon brightening eye cream.

This haul was arrived on last friday
There were, Deonard crystal eye colagenPhotobucket
(already tried it last night and it was so good!),
TSF salmon eye brightening, Koji eyelash fix clear,
and heated eyelash curler.

And latest, my korean wig! arrived on saturday.
Well, i was so sad coz it came different with the picture!Photobucket
and it's kinda look fake, oh whatever i still want to use it Photobucket

There were 2 Korean mono wig and 1 bang.
I'll post what it looks like tomorrow
because yesterday i was wear it to mall, i feel so weird
weirder than when i did cosplay,

Gotta post the look tomorrow.

I already tried Zamian cacao mask and cacao soap.
Baviphat Apple, Deonard crystal collagen and its amazing!

Gotta make the review after 2 weeks

Thanks for reading sweetie


Hello Naka said...

ur blog layout and design is so cute! and i love ur haul ^^

Cominica said...

thanks dear! :D

Hello Naka said...

ur blog layout and design is so cute! and i love ur haul ^^

fleurcoco said...

thanks dear! :D

yenni shmily said...

thanks for your info lenyyyyy....its help me a lot ^^

♔cominica ai♔ said...

you're welcome :)

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