Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Update

Last Update!ladies and girls~!


Finally, I could update my blog again~
This is just about my last weekend~
I went to my parent reunion and my childhood friend were there too
I'm so happy to met them again

That day I dressed not formally
My mum, actually want me to wore a dress but I don't want too~Photobucket
And this is what I looked like~

My eye make up
(My mum's friend told me that I looked like a doll)
Actually, It's not~

And this were my photo at the event~

So happy with my childhood friends~
We were remember the stupid stories when we were kids~

Thanks for reading




Jem said...

i agree,hun!
you look like a doll..
i really like the shape of your eyes...
it brings to mind the very cute eye shape of rabbits..
so cute!

i adore rabbit!

i wanna hug you so bad!
*squeeze you to death*
so cute!

Cominica said...

Oh thanks huuuunnn~~
I really like this look too!!

I like rabbit too~
That's my shio(chinese astrology)

Creamymilk said...

flurr.. potong poni yah?

Cominica said...


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