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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Skin79 BB Cream & Fantastic Cosmetic Book!!A-Must-Have

Hello galsss, I got free samples of Skin79 from chicprincessa last month. I tried this sample 3 times and it's quite good so far. 

But the shade is a bit greyish x_X

Here's my picture used Skin79,
before and after.

-without my mineral base-

My face is normal-combination sometimes it gets bit dry on my cheek. There r many scars over my face, from chicken-pox, acne and dark spot on my nose. My pore is quite big on nose and down eye area.

after i went home, i didnt know IF this bcause this bb cream or bcause my PMS. Suddenly something appear arround my eyebrow area. :( I think I might not suit bb cream :(

What I Think :

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe texture is kinda thick than Missha PC IMO,

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxIt's not hard to blend.

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe smell is like normal foundie smell.

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxCover really well as much as Missha PC

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxShade is quite darker than Missha PC.

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe final look is not as dewy as Missha PC.

I'm not going to purchase the real size of this BB cream, because I have other BB cream
on my mind. XD , The GOOD thing from trying a sample is you can know the effect before you buy the full size of it. So, we dont waste our money!

So far, my favorite BB cream is Missha PC and Feverlet HD. But since Feverlet HD is
kinda pricey, then I must choose Missha PC!

BTW, I just purchased a book and it's called Fantastic Cosmetic by korean Illustrator &a Writter. Kim Mi Kyung. 

I bought this book because the cover is so cute! It's pink. And you know, its really worth buying this book! Im so happy~~

Oh, and it's in Bahasa language :p, this book is available in Korea but i don't know in other country. It's not only about cosmetic but also about skin care, make-up and useful tips for making natural mask with funny illustration!  XD

Contents : (sorry it's in Bahasa)

About maintaining your body for your skin

About eye brow shaving

This is about blush-on :)

SO, interesting right??~~~ hahahhaha ;D

It has part for Man too!
Do & Don't, Skin care, shaving and others useful things!

If you live in Indonesia, just grab this book! It's not just about cosmetic, but for all girls who want to become pretty.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Beauty Credit (My New Love) Review,TFS and Maybelline HAUL.

Photobucket Girls! How's your day?

Here's my haul last week.

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxGreentea yellow soil Foam Cleansing from
Beauty Credit and lots sample from the kind SA!
I got it arround : $9.2 (got 10% disc)

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe face shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes $4.5

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxMaybelline is on SALE 30% for mascaras, eyeshadow
and lippies. (so cheap!!)
I bought :
* The unstoppable mascara, $5.7
* Cat-eyes/Hello-kitty mascara, $6.6
* Moisture Extreme #948 Cranberry Pink $2.8
* Pure Watershine #P22 $3.9
* Lip & Eye Remover

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxListerine Vanila Mint

(swatches later)

Recently I have a brand that caught my eyes
and I really want to get the skin care
since my face condition is worst now.Photobucket
My scars over my face is not getting better!
And it becomes really sensitive and dry
like crazy sometimes on my cheek!

Have you ever hear BEAUTY CREDIT??

Beauty Credit is a Brand from Korea,
It's a child-brand from Somang Cosmetic.
I heard from my friend that Beauty Credit
is top 3 Brand in Korea now.
And the skin care is quite good and natural.

The best seller is Coenzyme Q10 BB Sunbase SPF46/PA++,
beside that there's many favorite item
from this brand.

-- The 5 Benefit of BB Cream with CoEnzyme Q10:

* Conceals and heals blemishes

* Triple-duty as concealer, makeup base and foundation

* Protects from harmful ultraviolet rays

* Contain anti-aging CoEnzyme Q10

* All-in-one quick makeup within 15 seconds

* And many more benefits! --

But it's not available in Indonesia! I hope I can
get it when I come to Singapore this July 

And you know what, the brand ambassador is
Goo Hye Sun, Geum Jan Di from Boys Before Flower.
I really like her because she look so young
and her skin is amazing!Photobucket #envy
She even win the 1st vote as the most
flawless skin actress in Korea.Pixel Icons at Ego Box

Yesterday I went to Beauty Credit counter after extend my passport.
I want to buy their Skin Shower White Oriental ph8.8,
But they don't have it in Indonesia!
Soooo sad, then I pick other alternative.
I want to buy a foam cleansing which contain green tea,
and there's a green tea foam cleansing.
But I have saw their website before
and quite interested in Greentea Yellow Soil
Foam Cleansing.Photobucket

"This foam cleansing with greentea extracts and
yellow soil that is rich in minerals and
effectively controls sebum of the skin, cleans
out skin recidue by covering the skin with
its soft, creamy bubbles." from the packaging

And it REALLY covering your skin, I feel my skin
is soo smooth and covered by a creamy thin layer,
after use it. Photobucket

When I foam it at my hand, the texture is
so creamy and soft. Then I massage it on my face.
It's so creamy and bubbly, I massage my face
slowly and the texture just make you wanna
massage it again and

 * It smell like soil (?), it really smell like soil. 
I don't know how to say it but it smell like mineral 
salt mix with soil and soft greentea smell. Photobucket

I was satisfied on my first trial, I even try the samples.
Redflo Camellia Body Cleanser and
Redflo Camellia Body Essence -Moisture Theraphy-.
I love it! But the smell is too soft.
Is like the Camellia Flower soft smell.
Both texture is gel-like texture.

The Body Cleanser texture is so bubbly after I foam it,
I applied it over my body and after cleans it with
water my body feel elastic and soft.

The Body Essence texture is gel-like and
isnt feel greasy and oily after use it.
I dont really like using body lotion/body butter
/body essence or something like that.
But this is fine.

I want to try many their product since it
satisfied me \( =w= )/.
I can't wait when Im coming to Singapore,
lol, the price at the counter here isn't
expensive too. At least isnt overpriced like Etude House.Photobucket

Have you ever use Beauty Credit product?? Tell Me!

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