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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Story, Swatch and Haul!!

My Happy Story
New Haul
E/S Swatch

I was so happy last sunday~
Coz when i came back to home,
my dog has giving a birth!!!

It's a mix breed dog~
I don't even know her parent
But, she's has gave us puppy again and
it just 1 puppy!
Weird huh?

(warning!! Many picture's will show up)

And i don't know it's a 'she' or a 'he'??
But i already named him/her as Cocoa Dolly~

And yesterday i received my Missha PC sample~
Mine is #21 shade and the #23 is my cousin's.
Actually i already try it today~
But, i'm not so into it~
Will make the review soon

Here's the swatch of Reog and Merak Kasmaran E/S
from Sari Ayu.
Sari Ayu from Martha Tilaar is an Indonesian brand.
I don't have time to try it on my eyes~
Sorry, it's on my hand~

(with flash)

Okay, that's it!
Thanks for reading



Monday, June 22, 2009

Hit Pan!!

This is my first time using make up thingy
hit the Pan!!


I know this is a stupid post but i feels so satisfy~
because i never had been hit the pan
of my make up things~
It always ruin or i throw it away,
bcoz it's already to old

Thanks for reading



Review feverlet-FOTD and haul

Hello Gals~~!!
Last saturday i've tried Feverlet HD bb Cream for the first time~
Actually, i purchased this item coz i really want to try bb cream, but too bad many b cream shade are not friendly with me. Many bb cream are to greyish or yellow for me.
(note: i've saw it before on many swatch)

And I found that beside Missha and The Face Shop, there's Feverlet HD that had a light shade~ I think this shade is perfect for me! lol
Then, I found someone who sell samples of Feverlet HD for 5.000 idr each, haha superrr cheap! I purchased 8 sachet of it for a trial. hehe
4 for me and 4 for my sisters~, My sister's start to like make up too because of me, hahah *bad sister , I'm so happy for her :D

Here's the shade of Feverlet HD

People said that it has a really good 
coverage and oil control.
Actually, my skin a lil tricky~
Sometime can feels normal to dry and
sometime combination-oily.

What I thought about this product

It blend well on my skin and match my skin.
a thick texture but easy to blend and
has a good coverage.
Cover my redness so well.
(U'll love this if u had a big pores and many scars)

It smells like foundation, lol
I just wore it 2 times, so far i like this bb cream
Coz it cover my skin quite well and 
make my skin really smooth.

I don't have a oily skin so i don't know about it's Oil control.

My skin started to show up some small pimples for 3 times use -_-""". ACTUALLY, I didn't know is it because of that bb cream or not. I'll not use it for few days to prove it

I took few picture of my FOTD that day.
I went to my father's friend-son's wedding that day.
Before bb cream (just moisturizer)



I bought a slice of yummy chocolate cake from Holland Bakery and Fatty Pau that night.   I'm getting fat again!!! awww but who caress la xD at least Im happy XD

And my haul from yesterday are.. (just some affordable items around, hehe )

Makarizo 'Hair Recovery', TBS Aloe gentle facial wash, Alcohol, Sari ayu eyeshadow in Reog and Merak Kasmaran, and some souvenir from the wedding 

(well, the review are coming soon)

Did you know?
The Body Shop has a big sale and people were like crazy at there, Many OOS product!
Geezzz!!! Actually, i want to buy some sale product there~ They really have many good offer. But, the people were really make me crazy!! lolllll

And i can't help to bought fro.yo again~~ sharing
(blueberry jam, strawberry jam, longan and strawberry)

i'm addicted like crazy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sosis Curl Tools Review

Remember my haul last week?
The sosis curl tools~
I'm sorry i didn't take the picture last day~
So this is what it looks like~

I want to buy something like curling iron~
But I'm afraid my hair will get dry because of it~
And i still miss my curly hair so bad :(
My hair is straight now.
Ha ha
I think I'll use this often coz it wont harm my hair at all :D

I have used it last week...
On my hair and my sister's hair.
This is what it looked like~


Believe me, it's really easy~
Simple but u'll need much Foam and Hair spray to keep in lasting.
Sorry, i didn't make a tutorial for this xD

Roll it on ur hair.
If ur hair is thick, u need 4 or more sosis curl.
Divide ur hair to 2/4/6 part, it depends on how much curler u have.
Then just roll it and stick two point (top and end) of the curl until it close and
can hold ur hair.
And it may look like a bundle and round.
It's done!
Just left ur hair for few hours and release it.

Give it a try girl~
Really easy and safe :D
Just ask me if u have some question.

ThanKs for reading



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Haul and Last weekend

Lately, i update my blog again... well kinda busy now :(
Last saturday, i went to the Mall with my sister.
Actually, we just want to buy a few mini jars,
curly roll(ppl says 'sosis roll') and a pouch to place my skin care~

Every week, i need to move in and move out from my
houses @Regency and @Lippo Village~
Well, we'll move in to LV in August perhaps :D.
So, i need a pouch to place all my stuff there =.=
or it'll be so messy.

And i found a really cute and cheap jars!
It's only 4.900 idr for the small jar and
5.900 for the big jar~
I think I rather bought this than a ordinary white jar.

and this is only 18.000 idr

Then we went to and bought a fro.yo~
I bought the medium size and they give me 1 more free topings~
The topping's are blueberry, longan and chocoflakes.
I didn't like the chocoflakes~
Blueberry and longan were my favorite all the time.

And of course!
We did take a picture~ :p

Have a nice day laddies!



Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sister make over

My sister went to her prom night last friday,
and I want to share what I did to her

I know every girl wants to be pretty~
And i know they want to be the most beautiful on her prom night party

I did her make up and hair~ She's really love it! and so do I~ I tried my best la! lol

And the final look~
haha the camera flash is too bright

Thanks for reading!
And doesn't she looks lovely?lol



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