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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shopping!~ ღ

Holla pretty ladies! I feel really boring this few days and this make me want to shopping~!
I want to buy some cute clothes because next week it's going to be a lebaran holiday in my country.
Well, a mall near my house is held a midnight sale this 3 days, started from yesterday night.
Me and my sister went to spoil ourselves and bought few clothes. And because there's on sale I got 20% discount, some of them 50% and 30%, so many cute clothes I felt like want to buy all of them!!  (●`3´●) . I wish I'm rich! (T▽T)\
So, here's the cuties that I bought yesterday night.

cute pink polkadot tank top

Saw a top like this on a japanese magazine, forgot where I saw this I've read too many magazine o,o

saw a skirt like this on pop teen which is like LizLisa ◕ ‿◕ , I got a belt too. hehe

White knitted loose top! Saw tsu-chan wear something like this a so kawaii ❤❤

a loose lace top, so cute when wear it (///∇//) 

pink polkadot loose shirt

got this together with the below top.

Red stripped loose shirt with lace on front, I saw a strip shirt like this on zipper magazine, and when I tried it yesterday it's so cutee ≧△≦

I need to wash this first before wear T__T I'm so lazy to wash it but I really want to wear it soon! >‿<

So, do you planning to go shopping today?? Happy shopping and have a great weekend everyone!  (^▽^) v

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