Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Cute Outfits For Summer 2020

Hi guys, the weather has been nice and sunny lately. The air is also warm and not too hot. That's why when we leave the house we need pretty clothes. We are so bored right now, let's not wear boring clothes. Agree?

This time, I want to share some of the newest clothes that I add to my wardrobe. They are all so beautiful, let's check them together?

1. Polkadot bodysuit with lilac colour

This top is very pretty and comfortable to wear in summer. The material is thin and light on the skin. Also, because it is a bodysuit, it makes the line around the waist neat. I know you guys would prefer to wear t-shirts because they are more practical, however, a top like this would be charming to wear.

polkadot lilac

2. Ripped short jeans

Shorts are one of the must-have items for summer. Especially this ripped trend that's cool to match with any tops. How about wearing this short with a bikini? Lovely! Besides, this short is also suitable to wear as loungewear. For example, gathering at a friend's or relative's house. The backyard barbecue will be a lot of fun, right?

Ripped short jeans

3. Pink dreamy top

This top is short and cropped. However, it's cute to wear it with joggers, it looks trendy! I match it with a pastel blue jogger, and it looks dreamy yet sporty. Presently, it's surprisingly fashionable to mix and match different styles in one look. Dreamy tops don't need to be worn with skirts alone.

crop top

4. Black floral top

I really love puffy sleeves, especially with the bared neck. This will make our upper body look thinner and flattering. I have a noticeable collar bone, so it will look good when I wear it. It doesn't matter if your collar bone doesn't stand out, even if you have a short neck, this top will flatter you.

flowery top

flowery puff sleeves top

I have shared them all with you, which one do you like the most? :)


Melody said...

I like the final piece so much! It looks so lovely and like a princess.


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