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Monday, May 04, 2020

Purple Pink Sky in Nice and Fireworks

Nice is one of the most beautiful beaches in French Riviera that I'd like to visit. French Riviera aka Côte d'Azur is the Mediterranean seashore in southeastern of France that is famous for the beautiful beaches.

After our trip to Rome here, we took the flight to France, specifically, Nice. We arrived just a few hours before the sunset. I still remember how my heart widened happily for the fact that we finally arrived in Nice. It was a lovely way to spend our evening.

I've never thought that my dream would bloom like this. When we were on the train from the airport to our Airbnb, our eyes couldn't stop glaring outside the window. The view was amazing.

We were lucky that day because the new fast train just began to operate. We hoped to reach our flat quickly so we could watch the sunset together. The weather was lovely that day.

A funny thing happened on the train. A girl left her bag on the train without her consent. Her seat just behind our seat. Everyone was panicking (and laughing) because they were afraid that the bag carried something dangerous like a bomb. The train stopped, and it wouldn't start except if someone checks the content of the bag. So one adult (male) volunteered to check the bag, and everyone clapped their hands to support him. When he opened the bag, everyone laughed because it filled with dolls and girl stuff. The girl must be accidentally left her bag because she was in a rush.

What I like about Nice is the people, they are friendly to us. It was heartwarming and made our trip more memorable. Just like the name, Nice is indeed nice.

This was the bag, lol.

After the train stopped for about 10 - 15 minutes, it continued to move smoothly. We arrived not long after that, and I saw many cute stores along the street. The room we have rented was located not too far from the station. We enjoyed observing the town while we walked to the flat. Many cute dogs were walking with their owners, what a relaxing sight for me.

The flat was lovely and vintage-looked. Our host said the designer of this building was the man who designed the Eiffel tower. How surprised! We both were in awe staring at the plafond, lol.

After we checked in and done some self refreshments like washing our face and took a glass of fresh-water, I changed my clothes, and ready for a walk to the beach. We wanted to see the sunset so badly.

We were surprised at how beautiful the sky was! It looked more fascinating in real life, actually, it was too surreal for us. I've seen some pretty sky in Lombok and Bali, but this beach was really something.

There were many hotels and restaurants along the shores, all looked so fancy. I felt relaxed and calmed because the car was not much.

The sky changed very quickly, from a pretty pastel colour with a mix of blue, pink, violet and orange to a darker shade of them. Besides that, there was a moon as a decoration painted on the sky. It was bigger in real life, sorry I couldn't capture the best, but the vibes were more or less like this.

Most people were lazying around and chatting with their families or partners. It was a relief for us that Nice's beach wasn't full that evening so we could enjoy the sunset peacefully. We thought about many things in our minds and sensed the beauty of God's creation in our hearts.

God is indeed the greatest artist in the universe, and of course, the inspiration for every artwork on this planet. We sat side by side on the uneven rocks and gazed at the magnificent sky before it turns dark.

We feel so blessed, even today. The experiences and memories that have given by God to us will be forever a treasure. I'm very grateful for the loving husband He gave me to accompany in this life. Praise the Lord because He deserves the credit and I want to sing His name forever.

I just want to share my beautiful memories with all of you. There's always hope for everyone.

The sky was getting dark fast, and I tried to absorb all the beautiful scene into my mind, so I will not forget this moment forever. If God entrusts me with children someday, I'll tell them everything about Him and the noble works He has done in my life.

When we realised that the sun was gone, we decided to walk along the shores for a little while. However, the light around the beach was minimal. So, we decided to step to the wide pedestrian path and headed to the west.

While we were strolling the path to the end of the crowded spot, we noticed a lot of people had gathered at the side of the passage. We wondered what was going on there because they blocked the view to the beach. Everyone was waiting for something, but we were wondering at that time.

Suddenly, there was a big explosion to the sky 'BOOM' and there was it, the big extravagant flower illumination danced on the inky sky. I felt like the time had stopped for a moment that evening. The fireworks were marvellous. It was one of the best fireworks in my life.

The thing that struck me was the fact that we didn't even realise about the fireworks and yet we were on the best spot to watch. We felt so blessed and thankful to God. For the video footage about this day, you can watch them on my Instagram's highlight with the label 'Nice'.

It was actually a firework festival in Nice after 3 years of mourning years. Bastille Day is an important day in Nice, and a firework display is a way to celebrate it, until that day... In 2016, a 19-tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, resulting in the deaths of 86 people and the injury of 458 others.

When we found about that, we were sorry for all the victims. We hope that their beautiful souls are resting in peace beside their Creator, and there'll be no such madness anymore in the future. Everyone deserves to experience the beautiful fireworks in Nice, and for the locals to celebrate their national day peacefully.

After 30 minutes of the firework display, we continued our walk to this spot. It was very crowded so it wasn't safe actually. I heard many pickpockets were patrolling that night (from my host). We quickly headed back to our flat after I took some shots, but we picked the other route to explore more of Nice.

We passed a small alley full of tables and chairs in front of the restaurant selling fruits de mer everywhere. I asked my husband whether he would like to have some because he loves seafood a lot. He said it was late at night, and the price was a bit overpriced. He just wanted to go home. I agreed, so we didn't dine in.

While we were walking, we passed some markets selling a lot of interesting stuff. We didn't stop to browse. It was almost midnight, and we just want to rest at home. We grabbed a takeaway baguette to eat at our flat so we didn't spend too much time outside. I know some people say that it was a waste to not try the famous seafood here, but seafood is just seafood. I have eaten the freshest seafood all my life so I didn't have any regrets.

If you're a foodie, and you love the crowd, you might want to try.

That evening in Nice was a precious moment to remember for the rest of our lives. I hope you'll experience the same beautiful memories in Nice someday. Have a blessed day everyone! :)

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