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Thursday, February 15, 2018

AVENE MINERAL CREAM SPF 50++ (High Protection)

That day, I was walking in a mall. Suddenly I remembered that I had to buy a new sunscreen because I ran out of it. I usually use sunscreen from Japan, but sometimes it could break my skin out. And so I decided to buy more hypoallergenic products that is safe for sensitive skin.

Actually, I wanted to get the one from Cetaphil but I remember Avene is recommended by skin care professionals, so I bought two of them lol.


This mineral cream protects our skin from the sun with UVA and UVB. And also enriched with patented vitamin E for powerful antioxidant protection. It soothes and softens our skin as well.

By using sunscreen regularly will help reduce the dark spot appearance on our skin.


The bottle came in a box and was sealed. It isn't bulky and easy to carry, it's water proof as well so I'll have no problem bringing this product to the sea. I also love how the package looks so clean haha. The cream inside was in perfect condition as well when I unsealed it.


It has a mild scent and pleasant for the nose.


It is light weight and lightly tinted, and I was quite shock when I was trying this cream for the first time. I thought it's colorless.

The shade blends to my skin so well. Though I was shocked at the fact that this is a tinted sunscreen but I'm happy with it because the shade suits my skin tone.

I don't need any bb cream or foundation anymore for my daily look. Just this mineral cream is enough but I always try to apply it thinly on my skin so it won't be too sticky for my taste.

This formula does contain a form of silicone, so at first I worried that I'd get plugged up pores (oily t-zone), but so far so good. I think it because I always clean my face with cleansing cream or oil first before using facial wash.

I use this cream every morning after applying my skin care, especially when I go outside. I always forget to use sunscreen if I'm inside the house but seriously, I think I need to pay more attention to my dark spots..!


This sunscreen is not colorless, its lightly tinted. My skin is quite fair and this covers slight dark spots on my skin. It makes my skin appears fresher, more even and misty. I love it! 

The reason I love this sunscreen is because it goes on very smooth and doesn't take a lot for coverage. It does leave a slight whitish cast, so if that repels you, you may not like it. 
My trick is don't apply too much if you don't want to look too 'white'.

The cream is very emollient for me and does leave some tackiness.. but my skin needs the moisture so it works for me. If you have oily face, you can try the lighter version of this product.

I don't recommend this product if you have oily skin.

And oh one more thing, My skin is super sensitive, I love how I didn't experienced any break out while using this product! I will repurchased this product in the future and probably will try the lotion version as well.

RATING: for me is 4,75/5

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