Monday, March 23, 2015

Twin Style Baby

It's time for twin style, that day I'm wearing a matching outfit with my sister. This twin style is quite popular in Kawaii world and we decided to try it for fun. haha

Our outfit basically same, we're wearing a stripped shirt and cute jumper with ribbon detail. I made the Jumper for my Comicou, it's limited & cute for summer. 

There's a sailor line on the bottom, we can detach the suspender then just wear the skirt alone, nice right? I made all Comicou's jumper like this so we can wear it two way! :)

I made the Jumper in Blue and Pink, I let my sister to wear the pink one, super cute haha. The pink color looks playful and strong, it's really unique. 

I also love the stripped shirt, it's a basic shirt from Maco with line detail. Available in blue and pink too ;) 

Kindly try this Twin style with your best friend too, it's fun! My sister is my best friend that's why I'm wearing this style with her. Thanks for reading all~ 0:)

Top: Maco
Jumper: Comicou
Stocking: Tutuanna
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Gosh
Bag: Wego


Cominica said...

Super kawaii I wanna pinch you >o<

Cominica said...

You are so kawaii!
Both jumper colors are pretty, but I think I prefer the blue one. Good work!

Black Daisy

Cominica said...

Super cute and adorable!!

Purple Haze

Anonymous said...

So cute!

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