Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nishiki Market Kyoto

Nishiki Market in Kyoto, known as Kyoto's Kitchen, in this market you can find all things food related, like fresh seafood and cookware. You also can find some traditional food here and Kyoto specialities like Japanese sweets, pickles, dried seafood and sushi!

This place has a busy atmosphere and almost all the foods there are locally produced.

Some Japanese confectionaries, packed so prettily and neat. There're many Sakura flavour sweets because it was Spring at that time!

some funny foods I found, lol, I bought the baby octopus and something-I-Don't-Know-What-It-Is and tasted so weird LOL TT_______TT

I also bought a fish cake cos many Japanese people bought it so I think it maybe nice? haha turned out taste so-so le :v 


Sushi stalls! I didn't buy any lol cos I wanted to eat cakes :/ 

So Kawaiiii, I love how Japanese people decorate all things so cutie and sweet!

This Takoyaki store was so so crowded that day, long line so I skipped it. But it looks so good haha #sad 

Then I randomly found this cafe with this Sakura Cakes banner, well HOW TO RESIST? lol

I tried both of them and believe me, they taste super nice!! Especially this Sakura Mont Blanc, I just can't explain how good it is, haha.

This Angel Sakura cake was so soft, tender and yummy~ The cream also so nice and not too sweet <3

I was tempted to come inside this restaurant but couldn't cos I have to go back to Tokyo. If you're planning to visit Kyoto, you should consider to visit Nishiki Market, especially if you want to try their specialities and experience Kyoto traditional market! Byee~


Cominica said...

Markets always have a nice charm! I've seen quail egg octopops before. I'm vegetarian but I always thought they looked oddly cute.

Cominica said...

Beautiful photos! I like how you took the photos!
Oh! And made me get hungry lol... >__<

Cominica said...

wooow *o* I would like to visit it!

Cominica said...

Ah, pengen cobain fish cake, deh :)

Cominica said...

Lovely market place :3

恵美より ♥

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