Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trying to post from my phone

hello everyone, I realize i didn't write a lot this month. I already told you on my latest post that I want to finish some costumes and focus on my Comicou. ;;w;;

So, probably my blog will contain other things beside beauty stuff. I think I'll start to share about my activity and outfit, not only about beauty hahahha. But don't worry I still want to share about make up and I'll try start make some tutorials again. ( *___*)

Last saturday I went to some cafes with my friends. Actually my friend Miharu was celebrate her birthday by invite us to a lunch. So this was my lunch, it was quite good hahaha.

later we took some pictures just for fun

some polaroids hoho 0w0

And after that we went to a cakes cafe named ratirati, it is from Japan so I want to try it haha

this was my dessert that day lolol

yummyyy macaroon :3

ah and i accidentally met my friend Ellen, she's a doll collector and she brought Ivory that day!

real doll is super prettyyy la *~*

and my outfit that day, tried my handmade skirt hehe
picture from my instagram

Thanks for reading~~ 4 days until my holiday trip~~ Will miss my fat baby a lot TTwTT

he's sleeping beside me now hahaha see ya!


j.d. said...

Happy b'day to your friend!! :)

Park Chan Seul said...

woah you and your friends so kawaii :)

Girlie Blogger said...

awwww. you and your friends look adorable.

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Dewi said...

Nice polaroid photos :) & I like that doll!

xx Dewi (

Rose said...

I would love to see more of personal posts of what you have been up to and such while you focus on comicou! I need to find a cute cafe that serves cute food here @~@

serly said...

aku suka baca aktifitas kamu soalnya jarang banget nulis, isinya review melulu >,<

dina chen said...

boneka sama ce comi sama2 cute la~
aku suka cece post aktifitas cece, try new something look's good too c;

ManaRuka said...

your outfit is really cute♥ I wanted to order these tights too. they are so adorable*-*

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