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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cominica Circle Lens Giveaway! by LensVillage and haul post.

HELLO, Please don't mind if I hosting another giveaway on my blog okay? Hahahahah, it's simply because my birthday is near and I want to celebrate it by hosting many Giveaway on my blog! To make it more fun, hahahahaha. Don't you happy about it? 0:D

SO, This time, I'll be hosting a CIRCLE LENS Giveaway which is sponsored by LensVillage! There will be 2 winners and you can choose your own Circle lens (EXCEPT Color Vue). Do you have your favorite Circle lens and you want to try it so badly but don't have a chance to get it until now? Join my Giveaway and try your luck! 


Please fill this Rafflecopter form ;) and GOOD LUCK FOR EVERYONE!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for participating! ^O^

Ah BTW, I just received my package from Sasa today. I rarely post a make up haul because I'm lazy to do it. lol, but since lotsa people asked me for it so Im going to share what I got now. Enjoy, and tell me if you want me to review the product so I can include it on the list soon.

Candy doll face powder, Candy doll liquid foundation, Candy doll lip gloss peach orange (the one that tsu-chan use in Candy Doll CM).

Free skinlite mask, eyemazing 001.

My beauty diary mask Japanese cherry blossom, Arbutin mask
EOS lip balm  

My beauty diary Peach soda eye&lip make up remover.

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