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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Handmade black spiky lower false lashes review

Hello ladies~~(≧∇≦)/, This lower false lashes is sent by BornPrettyStore for a review purpose. I really love this design, with a pointy end with a short an tiny strand between the spiky one. It looks really nice on my lower eyes! ^^ Let's see how it looks and when apply to my eyes.

This is how it looks when use on my eyes. This false lashes isn't hard to bend and easy to apply it too. You can get this false lashes here and don't forget to use this code COJ61 to get 5% discount on your purchase. :)

My FOTD with it. (tutorial on my next post (///∇//) )

Thanks for reading ladies, Have a great weekend!! ^-^, I'll reply your comment later okay, I'm in a rush at the moment, and please leave your link here if you don't own a Disqus account so I can visit you back. See ya!

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