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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Lovely girls~

Helloooooo~~! How are you ladies? I hope you have a great day~ So, last sunday I met with my friends from the same university. We met at Grand Indonesia and had a meal together at Han Gang Korean restaurant. Seriously, I forgot to took the food pictures there because we was busy eating and talking. (LOL can't stop talking) But, of course we didn't forget to capture ourselves, hahahahhah.

After that, we walked to Starbucks and had a talk there. While we busy talking few gays came in and one of them is actually quite good looking. Aww, that reminds me when I was still in Esmod, lol. Here's few pictures there. (*´▽`*)

isn't she lovely? lol, she's my partner in crime.(⌒▽⌒)

Back then, we always hang out together and talk dirty together (LOL), and have fun together whenever we can >‿<~ I really miss that time when we still study at uni, even the assignments were sucks, but the time we spent was really fun. (^▽^) 
We haven't meet quite a while and isn't it wonderful to meet your best friends? I really had a great time with them, miss them soo much~~!

And this was my FOTD. Zoom to my eye make up. I use two false lashes here, I will make the review of the false lashes next time.

Actually, I was going to use this hair-style that day, but ended release the left braid and made my hair look puffy. LOL, my friends said that was nice though, aww happy~~  (///∇//) 

Thanks for reading ladies~ ^-^

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