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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

False Lashes Coordination

Hello (≧∇≦)/!! This is my first post about false lashes coordination, I'm doing this because some friends asked me about this. Usually, they asked about what kind of false lashes I use ◕ ‿◕. Sometimes, I use 2-3 false lashes on my eye make up because I love a wing effect on the edge of my eyes. I love the lashes on the edge is look more fuller, just like the Pop Teen model has. Few people asked me about Dolly Wink false lashes, and asked if I cut the false lashes or not. Seriously I want to CUT it, but because of the price I hesitate to do it. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ *lame

That's why I've few collection of handmade false lashes which mostly made in Taiwan, like princess eyelashes and etc. Why? The price is affordable >‿< and I got 10 Pair in 1 box, so I don't hesitate to cut and play coordination with it. hehe Many of them still think this kind of false lashes not as good as Dolly Wink or other branded false lashes. But, I say NO (゚○゚* )っ. This handmade false lashes is good and can be use for many times, although I love Dolly wink false lashes, but the curl isn't my favorite because sometimes it's not look obvious on camera. (*゚ー゚)

So, I'm going to share 2 kind of false lashes coordination here, I capture it from my previous eye make up look. I hope you like it. (///∇//)


I'm really curious, do you often use more than 2 false lashes on your eye make up? I really want to try to find my favorite type of false lashes so I keep trying this and that. I'm so jealous of Tsubasa-chan, she really lucky because she can design her own false lashes line and I think that's so cool!! (⌒▽⌒)

That's all I want to share for now, If you like this kind of post and want to see more of false lashes coordination look in the future. Just let me know, I'll share here on my blog. I thought no one is interested until someone asked me about this so I never think to share it. ◕ ‿◕, Thanks for reading ladies and I hope you love this post! Have a nice days~~! 

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