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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Canmake False Lashes 09 Dolly Look

09 Straight and cross type for gorgeous doll-like volume - These get longer towards the outer corner of your eye! For eyelashes that you can flutter like a doll’s!

This Falsies is so Dolly look! I love this design a lot and I want to share about this falsies with all of you. I got this Falsies once I was in Singapore (I really want to go there again!!!!! (ノTДT) ). Actually, I wasn't plan to get Canmake False lashes, since my wishlist is the Cream Cheek. But you know, who can resist all those cute packaging?? (ノTДT)

I have use this Falsies three times! I could say this Falsies has a really good quality, though the lashes isn't thin but this lashes is easy to bend. And since this design is supposed to make your eyes look dolly and has a Full lashes look, the design has a short cross lashes gap between the long thick falsies. And that supposed to make your eyes look more dolly and full but not over.

The band is craft really nicely and strong, I bet I can use this lashes few times again If I take care of it. When I clean this false lashes, I didn't do it softly because I really felt sleepy at that moment, and thanks God! the lashes still look fine. The curve can back to its original curve if you bend it again. YAY!

The other things I love about this falsies, it's not make my eyes feel itch or anything. The band is feel comfortable and the edge isn't hurt too..

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Dolly Look!
✩ Can be use for many times
✩ Doesn't itch my eyes
✩ Easy to bend

♔ HATE ♔
✩ Hard to get in my country, online pre order only.
✩ The band isn't clear (but I don;t really mind actually)>‿<

And one thing, don't cut this eyelashes! I cut this when use this falsies the second time. It was still okay though, but I can't make my eyes look longer like before I cut it.

But, if your eyes shape is really narrow then you need to cut this lashes a little on the

Here's my look when use this false lashes. I hope I can use it forever, lolololol >__<

1st time

3rd time

which one do you like? I like the first one, hehe
btw, do you Interested with this canmake false lashes?? go get it! ^-^

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