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Friday, July 15, 2011

Utena Aloes Moisturizing Lotion 100% Organic

Prepare the texture of your skin, make it smooth and healthy skin, and feel moist and supple after use.

Made by the Thought "of the four prescription-free",  made from certified organic aloe and accredited organizations, "Organic aloe vera juice (moisturizer)" formulation.

acid-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, mineral oil free, coloring free.

Bought in SG : S$ 21.9 (if im not wrong)
If you live in SG you can find it at Watson.

you can visit here to see the product utena

Do you know? Toner is the most essential things in Skin Care. You need to prepare your skin first for next treatment.

I've read in a cosmetic book, "you may skip your moisturizer but not toner!"
That's make me never skip my toner ever since.

no color, no scent :)

the top makes it easier to dispense ^-^

What I love ::
♥ 100% Organic not other ingredients added

♥ suit sensitive skin

♥ calm my redness and pimples

♥ make my skin so soft and smooth, feel moisturized

♥ soften my dry skin on my cheek.

♥ top of the bottle makes it easier to dispense the lotion

♥ the bottle is made from plastic and hard,
so I don't afraid if it's fall.

what I hate ::
NOT any.

Purchase it again? YES.YES
but I can't find it here. T__T
so sad. I think I'll purchase it online.

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