Sunday, April 03, 2011

Skin79 BB Cream & Fantastic Cosmetic Book!!A-Must-Have

Hello galsss, I got free samples of Skin79 from chicprincessa last month. I tried this sample 3 times and it's quite good so far. 

But the shade is a bit greyish x_X

Here's my picture used Skin79,
before and after.

-without my mineral base-

My face is normal-combination sometimes it gets bit dry on my cheek. There r many scars over my face, from chicken-pox, acne and dark spot on my nose. My pore is quite big on nose and down eye area.

after i went home, i didnt know IF this bcause this bb cream or bcause my PMS. Suddenly something appear arround my eyebrow area. :( I think I might not suit bb cream :(

What I Think :

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe texture is kinda thick than Missha PC IMO,

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxIt's not hard to blend.

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe smell is like normal foundie smell.

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxCover really well as much as Missha PC

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxShade is quite darker than Missha PC.

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe final look is not as dewy as Missha PC.

I'm not going to purchase the real size of this BB cream, because I have other BB cream
on my mind. XD , The GOOD thing from trying a sample is you can know the effect before you buy the full size of it. So, we dont waste our money!

So far, my favorite BB cream is Missha PC and Feverlet HD. But since Feverlet HD is
kinda pricey, then I must choose Missha PC!

BTW, I just purchased a book and it's called Fantastic Cosmetic by korean Illustrator &a Writter. Kim Mi Kyung. 

I bought this book because the cover is so cute! It's pink. And you know, its really worth buying this book! Im so happy~~

Oh, and it's in Bahasa language :p, this book is available in Korea but i don't know in other country. It's not only about cosmetic but also about skin care, make-up and useful tips for making natural mask with funny illustration!  XD

Contents : (sorry it's in Bahasa)

About maintaining your body for your skin

About eye brow shaving

This is about blush-on :)

SO, interesting right??~~~ hahahhaha ;D

It has part for Man too!
Do & Don't, Skin care, shaving and others useful things!

If you live in Indonesia, just grab this book! It's not just about cosmetic, but for all girls who want to become pretty.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment ^_^
Ooh I have been wanting to try some other BB creams!

Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot of good things about Skin79 but have not tried it yet~ Thanks for sharing :D

KJ said...

Wuahh that book is very cute!! I'll try to get that book thanks for sharing! ^O^

Aya said...

Oooooh I should check this out. I've only tried a couple of BB creams. :D

Dilla said...

waaaw.. bukunya menarik banget!
berapa ya harganya? available di toko buku gramedia gitu kah?

Cominica said...

@all, thanks for comment ^^
will comment back.

@yurina, yes, bisa di beli di gramedia ^^

Aya said...

Followed you. By the way, did you happen to find out what caused your breakout near your brow? Was it the BB cream? Hihihi

konayachi-nyan said...

Wuahh that book is very cute!! I'll try to get that book thanks for sharing! ^O^

Yami said...

Thanks for the comment ^_^
Ooh I have been wanting to try some other BB creams!

Wei Goddess said...

where do u get these cosmetic book..??love it so much...I read ur blog from the latest post and keep reading it till this page...I love ur blog and u are so cute and sweet....>_<

♔cominica♔ said...

I got it at Gramedia, my local book store :D
Wow, thank you!! >_<
I want to know your link ^^ please leave it next time :3

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