Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Latest Fashion Trend

Hey guys, do you know that recently top and bottom set is really popular? It's everywhere, and almost every store sells it now. One of the examples is this knitted top and bottom with ribbed patterns. It's casual and cute, suits daily wear and stylish.

The top and bottom can be worn separately for mix and matches. If I wear this set for going out, it'll look lovely with a pair of white sneakers, a handbag with animal skin patterns, and a coffee tumbler. And oh, shades will make you look more fabulous!

The waistband is a little loose so I might fix it later. I wish they make it fitter to the waist tho! Btw, a cycling short is super on demand right now. ;)

What else is on trend now? Tie-dye! I've received tons of emails about the tie-dye trends, it's literally everywhere now. From one tone to mixed tone, I think tie-dye is going to last at least to the end of this year. Tie-dye is really fun and catchy. I had fun with this oversized t-shirt in blue. The material is nice, it doesn't itch my skin, perfect for summer and lots of ways to wear it! T-shirts are fun, comfortable, and trendy to wear in the summer. What are you waiting for? Click my image to shop. :)

Corset trend is still 'in' now, or anything that looks like a corset. This piece isn't my favourite because the material is thin, but the style is cute so I couldn't resist! I think corsets should be a little bit thicker and structured so it'll shape my body more. This one is cute and the nude colour is perfect, but I'd love it more if it's thicker. 

The last trend I'm going to tell you in this post is of course joggers! Joggers are my favourite, and of course a favourite for many celebrities too. It's versatile, comfortable, and trendy to wear everywhere – anywhere. Like as loungewear at home or just for groceries shopping, you'll look stylish but not too much. I love joggers!

This one is in white and the material is different from my usual joggers, but the material is very soft and fluffy. It'll be great to match this with any t-shirts, for example, my blue tie-dye t-shirt from Femme Luxe! For a more trendy look? Tie a knot in front of the t-shirt and you're ready to go!

Joggers are perfect for girls or women in any height and age, I wouldn't mind wearing this even when I'm in my fifties. We are allowed to wear anything that makes us feel good, comfortable, and confident regardless of our age, right? Following the trend is a good investment if you know what to buy. :>

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