Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Fashion haul from last week!

Clothes, Clothes and clothes. We can't get enough of them. I know during this quarantine, everyone is trying their best to stay sane. It happens to me as well. Honestly, online shopping is one of the most fulfilling activities for me. I love browsing through some collections online and decide which one to get after that. It makes me relax and happier afterwards even though I don't always purchase everything I've seen.

Recently, I'm obsessed with some joggers from Femme Luxe. The reason is, they look so fashionable and comfortable to wear. My husband even asked me whether they sell the joggers for male. The material is soft to my skin. I love the oversized style of this jogger as well, it makes this jogger looks fashionable both at home and outside.

They have a lot of different colours to choose from. I've got two colours at the moment, dark grey and blue. They both look so lovely and I'm so into them! :(

Before I pick this dress (above), I was thinking of getting a dress with some beautiful floral details on the sleeves. I don't know if the neckline is a bit low. It doesn't that matters because I can wear a tight tube inside. This dress suits someone who is into a little bit of sexy style but still looks girly.

The material could shape my body really well, but it looks unflattering if I gain some weight. I guess it's a good thing because I'll try to maintain my shape to fit this dress. :'D

I've got another bodysuit in white with a different style. This one looks a bit structured but still casual enough to pair with some jeans. The main reason why I'm crazy with bodysuits is because of the smooth line around my waist. A bodysuit could make the area around my belly looks neat and sleek. It's very different with t-shirts which is more on the laid-back style.

If you would like to have a more neat and smart look, you can try to get yourself a bodysuit and see if you love it like me!

Another pink dress. Who could get enough of it? I can't. Pink is one of my favourite colours and I don't care if some aunties out there laugh at me. Lol, fight me! :p

I always wear size 8/S, but recently I gained some weight because of the winter and quarantine effect. This dress looks so tight on me, and it means I need to shed some fat before summer! :'D

This cape dress was quite popular last year, and still around now in 2020. It always sold out everywhere, and I know why.  The cape makes a great statement and fierce overall looking. This style compliments independent and strong modern woman.

Here are some meanings of people who wear pink:

'Pink is the colour of love, warmth, and tenderness. Is romantic, loving, and intimate, thoughtful, and caring. It stirs empathy and sensitivity, representing compassion, nurturing, and love. Refers to the unconditional love and understanding as well as giving and receiving.

If someone likes to dress in pink, it is gentle and loving, understanding, and empathize with others. A person lacks solidity, strength, and confidence.

If the person dislikes pink, this may be to blame for a messy relationship with their father or mother.'

Pink is a lovely colour to add to our wardrobe, so don't be discourage of what other people say about us. Some people just love to bring other people down to make themselves feel good. We shouldn't be affected, but stay true to ourselves. :)

See you at my next fashion post ladies!

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